18 Sept 2009

Probability linking

1. Back in school a vacation is organized but is not yet ‘OK’ed by dad (as always). Execution of the plan is a must (who doesn’t want to go for a vacation huh)

Meanwhile – someone out there – abeyances dad’s decision; she thinks within “if power returns back in 20 minutes from now, I will surely go for the vacation”

2. Few years back an exam has been taken and written in ‘OK – OK’ sorts. But getting through is very important.

Meanwhile – someone out there – awaits results; she tells herself “if India wins the cricket match happening today then it means I will pass”

3. A relationship has ended. There should be no looking back. Nothing can be altered.

Meanwhile – someone out there – hope never dies; she prays after writing “if it rains today then somehow this will still work”

May be it is some sort of psychology that makes people take up the probability factor; to assure that everything will be fine. But the quote "Always expect the unexpected" is the one that wins often.

So the power never returned for a whole day, India lost the match including the tournament and it never rained till a new relationship started.


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