4 Sept 2009


“The day I remove this silver bracelet you gifted, you shall know that you’re forgotten. I assure that it will remain in my hands till the end” He told her.

It was time for them to part ways; for the destiny wanted them to. It was all over. The 5 year long relationship was fading and they both could do nothing about it.

“Don’t let the love fade that’s the last thing I want to happen” she requested.

“I will hold it on forever” he assured

A year later, she had a bad dream; while she walked from office to home it was there. It shined; the bracelet thrown away.

She lie awake; just the dream she thought.

Somewhere far away a marriage happens; silver is replaced by gold gifted by the gal’s father.

Not just the metal but she was replaced by the new bride. & the love faded...


Pallu said...

Vry nice

Anonymous said...

Nothing remains...Better it fades from her heart too