25 Sept 2009


Nuru Sullu & Muru Gantu

Forefathers once upon a time told 100 lies is equivalent to 3 knots. & the people behind the wedding that I witnessed recently obeyed them devotedly.

The bride’s side never revealed that ‘this’ is her chikkapa until engagement was through.

The groom’s side never revealed that it’s the call center where he works in Accenture and not as an s/w engineer even after the wedding.

Now who cheated whom? Its not “Jhoot Bole Kawaa Kaate” but “Jhoot Bole aur Kawwa ko hi Kaate”


The Copy Cat Couple

The couple who watched our marriage closely few months back tried to replicate it neat. Yes only tried but never succeeded.

The girl had to buy the same shade Saree(s), do the hair the way I had and buy the outfit ditto the one hubby wore on our reception. Can you believe they chose the same honeymoon destination?

However elegance is one thing that cannot be forged, guy’s outfit was not even altered, menu too was the same but taste wasn’t & finally my smile is something that no one can ever copy.

No really, you can ask H!!

*Wide Grin*

The Lady never stopped

There was some random lady whom I met; she was going around the wedding hall asking people to look for a match for her NRI not-so-fair (read dark) son who is in UK. For all you single girls he will come back to India in 2 years and will build home in Bangalore.

It was a 5 minute conversation and went on some what like this:

Both my daughters are married. One is a housewife and other a doctor (Uh Haa). My son-in-laws are very fair (Wow an achievement really) and sober too (poor them). Compared to them my daughters are quite bold (yes I can understand aunty, they are your daughters after all).

My husband goes to work at 6am (goes or runs away from you?); I do all the work coz I don’t entertain any workers (Hmmm principled and all)

My daughter got married last Feb., she doesn’t want to conceive because she has her PG exams this 30th (Please wish all the best every one). She said she would try just after that (Really??).

No I don’t need any dowry from the girl’s side. We have quite some. (Starts listing) 2 plots in Bangalore, one guest house in Kanakapura, some land in Mandya, a home that was constructed 20yrs back which does not have any vaasthu in Bangalore (Seriously, how lame).

The girl has to be fair coz my son is slightly on the darker side, but now being in AC his complexion has improved (so that’s the secret! AC); she has to be of good height, your height minimum. The wedding has to be grand that’s the only expectation that’s all.

My son is 29 so girl should be from 25-27. I have paid the matrimonial guys 3k just to find one suitable bride.

*some random person interrupts the conversation* [Thankfully]

& I just fled from the panorama.



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