30 Oct 2009

3 cheers to the 5 quarters

Mood today is cranky, not-so-good and close to sober. The reason being this; Yes the colleague who makes the workplace come alive just by his presence has decided to move on. It’s his last working day at office.

The person who filled the next empty cubicle and who has been by my side (literally too, he is my cubicle neighbor) when I was committed and contended, broken and single, engaged and excited finally married and not yet matured.

For all these 21 months the person has helped each in the team in a way or the other. There were serious plans to open a “For ANY help Contact Harish” counter at the reception; from assisting someone to get a laptop, to aiding the other in getting his bike/car repaired, to dealing with buying new/old cars, facilitating many, I repeat many (close to 5 may be) in approving their loans from various banks, he has done it all. Al though when it comes to me and my work he has always taken a back seat. I still have that complaint.

I shall miss the 21 months spent within ODC and lunches/dinners/coffee/tea outside, the shuttle games played together and against, the n-number tantrums I made and the way he ignored them, the birthday parties organized together, the gupshap done everyday at the bay, the greetings mail he scripted and I read before he sent them, his various posed photos that flooded my inbox especially the cross arm one, the mutual flipping of the Acc Cards, the list he never bought from the monthly santhe, the small chit of paper with all the transaction numbers and I guess I’ll go on so here'z a full stop [.]

& I shall cherish the lovely mail he sent me yesterday.

P.S: I have finally written about you and also taken your name in the blog and made you famous in the World Wide Web.

P.P.S: Posting the world famous cross arm pic as well.


The Kingmaker said...

Ella ok aadhre avra foto haaki yaake gol kodtha irodhu?? Poor guy he is finally able to get away from all the trouble u were probably giving him :P

Acp said...

One of the Best Blog i have ever read...very touching :)