9 Oct 2009

Bachpan K Din #2

This is not at all a nostalgia post. Out of somewhere it just flashed to me that how CCC was honest back in 90s.

Is he not honest now you may ask; certainly not is my answer. He is such a partner in crime (to me) that family including hubby, makes sure that we both are in different teams when it is regular team oriented games. While playing housie or cards we are made to sit at distance but never next to each other. I was always a cheater; now or back in 90s.

So lets just rewind at this moment; CCC was in UKG. It so happened that his teacher shouted at him for some random reason at school & he came home crying. He was the first grandson and hence his grandma cajoled him way too much.

She was told by CCC that so and so teacher yelled at him. The next thing grandma did was to go to school and yell back at the teacher. Adding masala to the scene, she even told the maam that the grandson is down with high fever being scared and all. She also made CCC not to go to school for a day or two just to add on to the ‘fever effect’.

Our very own CCC did not know the actual reason behind the ‘don’t go to school for 2 days’ but when he went he had a shock. The teacher enquired CCC about his fever for which he replied that he had no clue. The teacher again yelled at him and the entire class according to him giggled.

Coming back from school he took grandma for a toss. He cried, complained, and ate nothing until grandma agreed. She had to do the below the next day;

• Go to his class and meet the teacher.

• Then apologize to the madam in front of the entire class.

• Also inform the class that CCC was innocent.

• & owe not to lie again.

Pour soul did everything; all for the ‘honest’ grandson!!!

But “Honesty is History” now; and these days we find him adding cleared pawn of the opponents back into carom board when no one’s looking, without the organizer’s knowledge flicking an extra housie card, hiding that joker in the rummy game and more such.

Oh I forgot to mention, he flicked another cousin’s glares when he was in 6th std. Poor cousin still thinks that the kaamwaali stole that one.


Anonymous said...


does CCC know that you are writing all this