20 Oct 2009

Film: Blue

The Dull Blue
Whoever spent 120 Cr. just on the story of the movie “Blue” should be seriously thrown into the same deep blue sea that is shown in the movie and the person who wrote the story should be kept underwater until he drowns himself to death.

In the 2 hour movie, an hour and half is spent convincing Sanju Baba about putting the hands on the treasure; next 10 minutes Sanju Baba reveals the so called secret of why he does not want to lay his hands back on the hidden treasure. Final 20 minutes they show how they have maps of treasure underwater, the three diving into the water, finding the wrecked ship, the jewels, some dishum dishum, Akki jumping into the sea in his motor-cycle and finally the greatest truth is revealed that Katrina, for whom Zayed did all the circus is Akki’s wife.

Someone tell me how

• Akki has his goatie in a scene and not in the next scene.

• Lara calls the coastal guards of Bahamas “Hame Bachao. Hum dub rahe hai” and they understand her.

• The jewels are sparkling and still intact after being in the marine for almost 50 years.

& for god sake, director of the movie and rest all, when there are 10 men following the hero, all shoot, none hit the “man” and when he does, every single bullet hits the villains is utter crap.

If you still venture out to watch this movie even after reading this post, at least take my advice, take along a flask full of coffee. Serves you at right when the headache strikes. 

P.S: Only poor comedy out of it is when some one asks you “Blue film hegithu?”!!!


JPK said...


Nice new look. I gave a small makeover to my blog too but nothing comparable to this.

Why do you even go to watch a bollywood movie these days?



Unknown said...

did u enjoy? :-) ;-)