14 Oct 2009


It’s a day wreck when you accidentally see people on the way who don’t let you proceed with your work until they suck every drop of blood out of you.

Hmmm so before approaching them, take your cell phone and call the ‘toll free’ customer care; talk like you are speaking to a client (or someone equivalently important). When you go near and meet them, close the mouthpiece and take an excuse for not staying by to yap in a humble way. This way you will avoid the sissy people, not empty your pockets on phone bill and have a great day ahead.

This GOTIT GYAAN is brought to you by ‘the embarrassment caused in front of sissy people due to the phone ring when no call was made and just the drama of talking was on’


phatichar said...

Better yet - just 'act' as if you're speaking to someone over the phone - the person in front won't be able to hear the 'voice' on the other end anyways! And you don't get to spend anything at all!

:-) First time here - Cool blog - like the look 'n feel. Take care.

Swathy said...

Hi Kaavya,
a question gotit as in "got-it" in English or gotit as in gotit bidri :D