21 Oct 2009


It’s a painful sight of all the burnt up crackers, related messy papers lying front of your home sweet home on a post Diwali morning.

Solution is simple. Talk to those neighbor kids about how important it is to have those papers scattering in front of their respective houses. Explain them how much pride they can hold to portray that they were the ones who burst most number of crackers in the whole colony. & for that they can have the papers from your home as well; all they have to do is pick up the broom and brush the papers towards their home. This will double the amount of junk and make them popular among the other kids.

This gyaan is brought to you by the ‘pain caused while clearing the piled up house chores as the maid went on leave for 2 days due to the terrible back-ache she got after sweeping the litter of the crackers' this Diwali.


Sai Prasad said...

Great Gyan!

Will pass it down my dynasty :)