28 Oct 2009


It’s a bad feeling having that special person’s number and still not being able to chat up simply coz she doesn’t know you or you haven’t been introduced to her as yet.

So you have, with very much difficulty found the cell-phone number of your latest crush bribing the person who got it for ya. For all the effort you have made, take the courage of messaging her something like alerting types. Say “Call me immediately. In trouble” or “Save me, I am being targeted”. The warning will obviously arouse some sense of curiosity and your crush will call back or reply back to the message. Then you can either act as if your friend gave a wrong number or you saved it wrong and you’re sorry. At the day end send a good night message and if you are lucky things shall move on.

This GOTIT GYAAN is brought to you by ‘the romance that blossomed the way mentioned above and now the couple are married, happily living ever after’