23 Oct 2009

Meetings Mania

Meetings: the very word makes people turn their grin upside down.

Those Outlook calendars packed to the gills with meetings for most of us. Nearly two of every five days workers spend on the job is wasted on pointless meetings, bad communication and unclear objectives says a survey.

Tougher still is keeping track of the meetings; MOM. Here in my team we have a rule that each day one person (in alphabetical order) should take up the task of penning down the talks. Apparently the lovely members make all sorts of excuses, some don’t turn up when it’s their turn, some say they haven’t got a pen and so on and so forth.

I choose to differ from these folks; Taking MOM has many advantages & few listed below

• You don’t get bored the whole time because you are penning down talks.

• You know the issues faced, clarifications given, solutions made and so you will understand what to do when it strikes you.

• Your mobile bill will not rise up due to those messages you type & shoot during the meetings.

• Your handwriting improves each time you take the minutes.

• Your typing speed improves while converting the text on book to text on system.

• Your language improves in great deal; the past/present/future plus more such tenses, active/passive voices et el.

• You get to tell/command members about the action items post meeting.

Got the point? No? I prefer having a one on one meeting to explain more on this agenda and this time for a change you can take the MOM.