17 Nov 2009

4 Wrong Answers

As a part of our official annual newsletter we from the editorial board came up with a concept of having a quiz on the company with objective answers.

Each were asked to frame 4 questions on employees, projects, companies’ certifications et el

Editor gave the following questions along with four answers, three being wrong and one the right one;

• Name the oldest (number of years at SPI) employee of SPI
• Which is first client of SPI?

Excited by these questions another colleague sent couple of questions like which was the first project executed at SPI, what was its business domain? Who was the first SPIzen to successfully clear the SCJP (Sun Certified Java Programmer) exam?

When the Editor asked for the answer, the same colleague replied “I can give 3 wrong answers but I don’t know the right one. Anyways I will try to get the right one as well.”

Moral of the Story:

“Mistake are easier to make & answers are hard to find” – Quoteshwari