6 Nov 2009

Deviations in Conversations

SMS tale:

CCC: Hey who is that guy teaching Java in Jayanagar?
Me (amidst lot of work): Arockiaswamy!!
CCC: Does he teach SQL and UNIX.
Me (still busy): I have no idea.
CCC: Do you know anyone who can teach?
Me: I know SQL and V knows UNIX.
CCC: What else do you know?
Me: You name it and thou shall get it.
CCC: ‘How to grow money’
Me: Talk about money, you owe me 1000 bucks.
There came No reply for a long time
Me: We can teach you; pay us!!!
CCC: Tell me by evening the address where they teach SQL and UNIX.
Me: Why can’t we?
CCC: Seriously I want the information

One on One Tale:

I ask one of the colleagues about where they preach the two technologies.

Colleague: I sometime back joined for Auto CADD coz there was this really cute chick who called me and said that she too had joined. I was back in Bangalore when she called me and it took me 2-3 days to go to the institute and join. By the time I did, her batch was filled and I was put to another batch.

Me: Oh!!!

Colleague: So this batch had just 2 guys and I had already paid 9k. I skipped few classes and the lady teacher called me to inform that there are classes going on. She too wasn’t that pretty.

Me: Ayoooo

Colleague: The institute guy told that he can’t refund me the cash although I can take the class when ever I can.

Me: Saala…

Colleague: Hmmm so then came the college day. I made the institute guy sponsor for the event. He pitched in 20k and I gobbled it completely.

Me: Ha Ha the typical you

Colleague: Then again I went back to the institute saying that I hadn’t taken classes for the sum paid. I took Auto CADD classes and even put it in my initial resume until I forgot stuff and removed.

Me: Thankfully

Colleague: Hey btw did you ask something?


Both together: (after remembering the initial topic) *Laugh Loud*

Colleague (finally): I know none who teach them!

Maa Beti Talks

Me: I saw 3 missed calls; what’s the matter?
Mom: Were you busy?
Me: Yes couple of meetings.
Mom: I called up for something very important and now I don’t remember.
Me: That’s ok. Did sis leave to college?
Mom: Yes she did and dad too. Athe plans to come to Mysore tomorrow for her athe’s eye operation. It seems she cannot see clear now. So they asked her to get it operated. The servant 1 did not turn up today hence servant 2 is doing her work but is cribbing all the while. Breakfast was dosa today and your sis complained that it wasn’t good. She does it every time. I don’t know what to feed her. Her internal marks are out. She got… Blah Blah Blah….

(Goes on for a while)

Me (Interrupting her): Ma, I shall hang up. Little busy
Mom: Ok

She calls back again

Me: What ma?
Mom: Now I remember, dad told that he will be on news this evening. So do watch.
Me: Wow such relevant information forgotten and not so relevant just at the tip of the tongue!!!
Mom: You know me na?