11 Nov 2009


Yes the rains always create havoc when they pour continuously for days. Especially for the pedestrians who are supposed to have a look before they put their foot down every time due to the muddy puddles.

Key to this problem is very straightforward. Do not walk on the footpath; instead try strolling on middle of the road. This way you can slow down the speed of the vehicle or in some case even stop them, avoid dirt as there will be no puddles less puddles on the road than on the footpath. Next the driver might sympathize on you for getting drenched in rain & offer a lift.

This GOTIT GYAAN is brought to you by ‘the splashing of the muddy water from the puddle by a speeding car when the author was out for a morning walk’


The Kingmaker said...

So u go for morning walks also eh!! Good experience..tuff luck that i dont go for morning walks so no such experiences.