3 Nov 2009

Hassles and Bustles

More on this initiative, we were having a chit-chat with dad yesterday and he discussed all the tantrums by the Auto Drivers for the “Serial Number Distribution”

• Initially when the announcements were made that the documents were to be produced in order to get the serial numbers, they started complaining that all the papers were in the bank. They had to submit them in order to get the loans approved for buying the auto. So dad suggested that for such scenarios, there will be a notification for the “Bank Managers” to give back the documents for the police verification and the same after scrutiny will be returned back to the respective banks.

• Next they came up with concern that few have debited their documents with the “Saits” or “Money Lenders”. Dad recommended that a police personal will be sent along with the driver to collect the documents for inquiry and later they can be returned.

• This obviously did not stop. The drivers concern was that the numbers and the vinyl stickers can be duplicated, printed and stuck on the auto rickshaws. Dad told them that at the right bottom corner of every sticker, there is a scanned signature of the “Police Inspector” of that area. Hence duplicates will be avoided and the genuine ones can be identified.

• There was a probability of showing a permit twice by the drivers who had none. Hence each time the verification was done, at the end of the permit, a scanned signature was stuck and sealed.

• Finally some miscreant auto drivers spread a rumor that RTO guys were not very happy with this initiative. So dad made the concerned Road Transport Officer give a press release that they were happy with the initiative and that would solve their existing problem of not having list of the autos that were running in Mysore without any permit.

So much for bringing in discipline I tell you!!! I am sure there will be more to this initiative, & I shall keep you guys posted. Till then ‘this-is-it’


The Kingmaker said...

What else would you expect from auto drivers.....