9 Nov 2009

It Happens Only in India: Registering the Post

The gas agency where we are taking a new connection had to post a register post to us as a part of some process they follow at HP while providing the new connection. The letter that had to be put inside the envelope was not yet printed and hence not ready.

The proprietor explained the details that would be in the letter and asked hubby to write our address on the envelope. He then went ahead stamped the agency address on the back of the envelope as the 'from' address, closed the edge and asked ‘us’ to register post the same in the post office so that it reaches us via mail. So we go to our area ka post office to post ourselves the post. Then pay 25 bucks, the head post man takes the cash, puts the office seal, signs it and calls for the “post man who has to deliver post for 23rd main that day”. The Post man then signs it and asks hubby to sign in his register and gives the envelope back to us.

So we write the address, go to post office to register post the envelope back to us, we pay the cash, the post man won’t even deliver it home, he delivers on the spot.

& to top it the envelope is EMPTY!!!