30 Nov 2009

It Happens Only in India: Caller Tune Chaos.

Thanks to me being an Airtel customer, hubby decided to shift his no-signal-BSNL to Airtel. After choosing the magic numbers that would end sum up to 9, he finally was delighted to see those 5 full sticks next to the coverage tower on his cell-phone display.

With many sentiments he insisted that the first call should be made by me. When I called there was a shock awaiting; the Airtel guys had automatically added “Rehmaan” composed Airtel tune as the Caller Tune. When called the customer care they said that it was a promotional tune and would not cost us anything. However the free subscription is only for a month and followed by which, a rupee would be deducted as rent for the usage.

20 days later when husband got bugged up with birds chirping the tune (which also included an Owl howling btw) he decided to de-activate it. We sent an sms to cancel the offer and after few minutes we got a confirmation message from Airtel stating that the tune had been removed. If it happens in India it obviously does not have ‘they happily lived every after’ ending so the next day we got a message from Airtel again.

It said “You have been charged rupees 1 for subscribing to the caller tune” following by the deduction. The same birdie caller tune was put up. Again the customer care guys were called; two of them argued that we had again sent a sms to start the tune and that’s the reason it was ON.

Husband had to argue that if he wanted a song he would pick one from the list available instead of choosing the one currently running. Finally they agreed to call off the tune, debited the amount by a rupee.

& thankfully till date when I call him, it still rings and never sings.