24 Nov 2009

The Movie Magic

We were driving towards “Chaudeshwari” temple in Sigandoor for which one has to cross the backwaters and hence have to take a ferry to reach the other shore.

I was curious about how the backwater was formed and what rivers it was, which dam build yada yada.
So decided to ask the locals there

Me: Which river is this backwater made up of?

Local: No Idea madam, But have you seen Mungaru Male film? They have shot this place.

Me: Uh ha, is it due to any dam constructed near by?

Local: I don’t know madam, at the end of the song “Anisutide”, our Ganesh sleeps dead on water right? It’s on the same water. (Pointing to a location) To be precise that place.

Me: I heard there was a road before what happened to that?

Local: No clue madam, Have you seen Ranga SSLC, "Manase Manase Thank You" song, they have shot that song here as well. Also “Ee Preethi Ontara Kachaguli” of Kichha Sudeep is shot here only.

Me: Thanks anyways.


On the way to Chikmaglur we saw various advertisements of a "Home Stay" which said that movies namely "Ranadheera", "Mungaru Male" etc were shot at that place. It also has posters of the stars of the respective  movies standing and posing in front of that Home Stay.


At Jog, the guides pester you to hire them, they offer you to be taken to the tip of Jog where the movie Mungaru Male was shot.

These movie buffs I tell you!!!! Tsk Tsk


The Kingmaker said...

Why do u want to blame the poor movie enthusiasts....its just that the spots are so breath taking that people want to go there...

Harish said...

I wonder, were u asking all these to a local guy or anyone from ur group....chk

Mr.H said...

It happens only in India...