13 Nov 2009

Smelly Cat(2)...What are they feeding you??

Colleague 1: I can smell something weird.

Colleague 2 (trying to smell): Yeah, it is smelly. I guess the wires inside are burning.
Colleague 1 (horrified & almost about to run): What?? Call the admin guys fast.
Colleague 2 (calling): Hello, I am talking from GD 160, I smell something burning.
Someone over the phone: Ok sir I am sending an electrician.

Colleague 1 (already fled the scene)

Electrician: What smell? From where? *widens nose and breathes heavily*
Colleague 2: It was from the wire that is connecting this entire bay. Just now it stopped.
Electrician (calling Admin): Sir, now there is no smell.

Meanwhile Colleague 3 arrives to the scene

Colleague 3: What happened? Why so much hungama?
Colleague 2: There is a weird smell.
Colleague 3: Why don’t you use a deo?

* Electrician leaves the scene after blabbering “Yes” a 100 times over the phone*

Colleague 2: Machi, how come the smell vanished?
Colleague 4: I have no clue but just keep a nose on that : - )