31 Dec 2009

20Ten Beckons

It’s that time of the year when people pen down all their achievements, failures for the last 365 days. Check the outcome of the resolutions made last year same day, if not completed make the same again and add some more to it.

For me it’s time to delete the “New Year 2009” folder made in my outlook mailbox; time to create a new folder “New Year 20Ten”.

2009 was just fine; all best stuff happened in plenty, things done this year were equivalent to sum of things done since I was born. Traveling, shopping, attending weddings, oh not to forget getting married as well. Makes sense as it was "Year of the OX" and I am an Arien.

Here is to last 365 days of 2009 and to the next set of 365 days of 20Ten; CHEERS!!!