9 Dec 2009


Goodies that hotels/resorts offer at the rooms you stay are plenty these days. But I am sure all the travel baggage would already consist of the necessary stuff one needs.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t make use of the small soaps, shampoos, conditioners, shower caps, pens, and bunch of note-slips, mini water bottles, and tea/coffee making sachets having milk whiteners, coffee powder, sugars, tea bags and few plastic cups. Just pick them up and use them at home. Of course that wouldn’t be stealing because they come as part of the cash you pay for the room that you rent.

This GOTIT GYAAN is brought to you by ‘the usage of soaps near wash basins, shampoos + conditioners for home pedicures & manicures, pens at office, coffee/tea during late night movie watch, note-slips as stick on’, bottles kept at the guest room’ for one whole month.