7 Dec 2009

The South Success

There are movies which make you smile and whistle, there are some which make you laugh and shout; many which will make you cry your heart out but very rarely does a movie make you clap in the theatre.

Paa does that magic. All your thoughts, predictions before entering the hall fail. The movie is not about the illness, or about how the ones have it suffer, doesn’t ask you for any sympathy. It’s all about perception towards life, media and politics.

Politics has always been a boring topic to talk about. But Abhishek changes the acuity. He makes it possible to imagine someone really good in politics without giving the character an out of the natural superhero image. I saw a different Vidya Balan in the movie, without any hichkis. She depicts an independent career focused single mother who is proud to have a son like Auro. Her part is also covered in the best way showing the strength of a woman with the right emotions never making it melodramatic. The way she explains genetic disorder telling in such a simple way without fuss or over concern but standing very strong for her son to give him a normal life.

Iliyaraja does wonders to background scores. The Direction, the screenplay, the script all have hit the right levels.

& Auro steals the show. With the sarcastic one liner, the correct emotions even after having the prosthetics, the voice, the hand signs, the running away from the girl!!!!

Take your Maa, Paa, friends, uncles, aunties, and neighbors to the nearest theater playing this charming little movie, even though you expect the tragedy...

P.S: The title means that the crew has 90% efforts from the people down south.