1 Dec 2009

Two Positives!!!

The mehendi on her hands had turned maroonish red. The ceremony was held 24hrs ago. “You and your fiancĂ© share a deep love” giggled the naughty girlfriends.

How is the color’ the bridegroom was on the phone. Ajay was the guy destiny had chosen for Amanita. They met at a blood camp; both representing different companies as part of the corporate social responsibility activities. It was ‘crush’ at first sight. Exchanging looks, then the numbers, sipping cappuccino together, ring in the champagne glass, the proposal, the yes I will, everything had happened in a very short duration.

“The color is so murky & on the verge of changing into Black” Amanita rubbed the brown henna still persistent around the edges of her nails.

Let’s meet; just for few minutes. Just a last time before we kick our bachelorhood; say yes’ he insisted & she said a yes.

He waved at her while she stood on the other side of the road. There was an eagerness to watch the shade of henna implanted on her hand. She asked him to cross over. He locked his car and turned towards her.


“O –ve blood needed and we are out of stock” said the doctor.

The Fervor resulted in a speeding truck hitting him while crossing the road. He lay in the ICU and closed-ones without any patience waited outside.

“I am an O –ve too” said Amanita. She proceeded to the blood donation arena of the hospital.


The wedding was called off. By his parents; Amanita was tested positive for HIV. How on earth was this possible, she thought? Shattered she sat on her bed cherishing the memories of Ajay.

The blood camp, the first time she saw him give his blood for the sample test, the way she stumbled upon the slab of glass piece having his blood, the wound it caused her, the way he did her a first aid, the way he bandaged her all fresh in her thoughts.


Few days later she received a letter from him.

Dear Amanita,

I am writing from home. My due apologies for cancellation of the matrimony; if it would comfort you in any way, it was done without seeking my permission. You must also be wondering how you were tested positive. The reason being me; the day we met, you injured yourself with the sample blood slab. It had my samples; and you will be shocked to hear that I am a positive too.

I realized yesterday when the doctor showed me, my reports. It probably is due to the unsafe usage of the syringes back in college when I tried drugs. Forgiveness won’t undo the situation you are in currently. If you agree, two positives can make the final number bigger.



These days both Ajay and Amanita work for Health Resources and Services Administration under ADAP.


Creating optimism depends on our own efforts. Viewing the glass as half-full does more than increasing happiness. A salute to all the unknowingly infected people and a special tinge of optism to sustain in the dreadfull world this World AIDS day.


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