27 Jan 2010

No Another Chance!

Ghat Section travel along with family in “cabs” used to be so much fun during childhood. I mean we cousins used to always occupy the window seats much eager to get the awesome view the roads provide.

Certain times when the serene was towards the left, few of us on the right would get the Mountain View while the rest towards the left would go “Ohh, wow and ahh” ing.

Out of jealously we would shift seats and to the ones at the right; & then we add to the exclamation game.

This toggling between the sides of the cabs was the most fun part of the journey.

We are not kids anymore; these days the travel consists of bitching each other about how my “airtel” has signals and his/her “Vodafone” doesn't!!!

There is no sunshine and no rain; we only continue growing in vain!!