11 Jan 2010

Taste this, will you?

She finally decided to cook something special for him.

After spending good amount of time reading and re-reading the recipe print-out in the kitchen, the dish was done & ready to be served.

The contents were neatly transferred into stylish crockery gifted by her colleagues who assumed that the girl would need all the elegant dishware to serve the tasty food she would prepare after marriage.

Suddenly a doubt popped in her head which she had to clarify with him.

She: I was just wondering, what is the big deal with “table spoon” and “tea spoon”

He: one tablespoon full equals three teaspoons full

She: Oh! Shall we have lunch?

He: Yeah.

He *looking at the special dish made*: What is this dish? & how come it’s so dark colored?

She: I thought both tablespoon and teaspoon mean the same. Hmm so, instead of 3 teaspoons I put 3 tablespoons that’s 3 times the chilly powder required for the dish.

*Even before she could finish her statement a spoonfull of the spicy dish was relished by the better half*

& rest is history!!!