26 Feb 2010

Deal ya No Deal

Recently I blogged about how cops are trained on computers and internet. I guess dad has caught on with the techie virus too. That explains how he went ahead and had this road safety week in Infosys recently. He suggested they have a competition for the employees to come up with some inspiring 3 minute videos.

That may be of good value for the educational aspects in schools/college during road safety week that happens every year. The event was a huge success, leading the traffic police with 5 creamiest creative videos made with zero revenue [for the government].

The corporate guys didn’t do all this without a motive mind you, there was a plan. Few months back hubby was telephoned by the head security Infosys Mysore asking for appointment with dad. He was being told that the auto community was creating problems like demanding 50% extra to commute people who work there. They wanted a pre-paid auto stand at the entrance.

Somehow hubby wasn’t interested.
“They won’t promote me if I get this done. So chill” he told me.

Management offered to construct the building, hire a resource, and sponsor the computer & related electricity charges. All they wanted was the software having fares to different locality and the permission to run it.

They went ahead and contacted dad anyways and that's when dad bought up the event idea.

Event done, videos received.
I guess they will have their own pre-paid stand now.

It’s a WIN-WIN deal for both of them.

25 Feb 2010


I don’t get the whole “he should apologize” drama these days. The concept being so very simple; if you make a mistake and also think it is one, you have to say “SORRY” to the person/group of people who could have been hurt by your gaffe.

Sharukh makes a statement. Shiv seva says it’s a blunder and he has to apologize. Khan says he won’t. The burning of posters, the anger in front of his house all start. Still the badshaah won’t give in; I will not, he confirms. Ban on his upcoming movie in Mumbai says the saffron group. Police pitch in like they have no other matter at all to be taken care about. While all this happens Kasab still is making nonsense & different statements in the court and there are fresh blasts in Pune.

Amitabh urges the FmXt i.e. his extended family to support him as he asks the Mumbai Mirror editor to give an apology in the same page where his darling bahu and also the women of his house was misquoted of having TB and thereby will be unable to bear a grandson for him.
I don’t get why at the first place the media writes crap quoting “a close friend of the family” informed us. These days everybody trusts the unknown source and never believes the intelligence reports.

Muthalik was attacked by some miscreants while a TV show hosted a “talk show” regarding Valentine’s Day celebrations. The guy was pushed, hit and smeared black paint. He says that this act is not goondagiri democratic; of course it is not. So also was all that? A year back where girls at the Mangalore Pub were beaten black & blue. Back then the activists quoted that the pink chaddi campaign was unethical and not Indian. The campaigners wanted an apology from Muthalik that never happened.

Certain things must be well taught at home [Maneye Modhala Paatashale: Home is the first school]; or else at the pre-kindergarten or lower/upper kindergarten. If not at least the moral education should be made compulsory in all schools & not just the Christian institutions. Else they come back & hit rest of the world big time in the later, rather older stages of life.

I remember how my grandma made me say sorry to our neighbor’s kid few years back when I had hit him with my cricket bat. I had resented I won’t; he had called me names and even made horrible statement on how girls are always empowered by the men. I had good reasons not to say sorry. But I was made to. Grandma was of opinion that if the person kept his smile uttered the word sorry even after being right in fight, then the opposite counterpart would lose the thrill of causing havoc.

So here’s to grandma – Thank You!!! (Being grateful; she even taught this) & sorry for all the folks who didn’t quite learn the lessons right.

24 Feb 2010

Game: Chills and Thrills


It’s a big company. Close to 4 digit people. The game is on. Sachin is taking the bowlers for a toss. He reaches his career best. Also goes past it. Nearing the world’s highest till date. Dhoni gets the strike. Hits 6s and 4s and doesn’t give the strike.

Location: The Lobby

Around 80 men and 2 gals, watching the big screen with lots of screams!
1 belle being the receptionist; the other?

Yours truly!!!

That’s when you realize that cricket is not famous among the feminine sector.

Heck who cares?

Strike still with Dhoni. Last ball of the last but one over and he takes a single. Shits and Aarghsss continue.

Finally all are delighted to see the “*” next to “The Man’s Name”

200 scored, the crowd roared.

Such thrills life offers.

We are blessed I tell you. Totally Blessed.

Sachin Tussi great ho and rest of you reading this can do the “taufa kubool karo” act.

Highway Hungama

I am so amused to see the tactics. The business knowledge the uneducated village kids have. I mean how can you explain the below?

Flowers like Crossandra, various types of Jasmine are widely grown nearby regions of Mysore. They are neatly plucked, tied together and given to these kids for sale. These kids always stand next to the humps placed on the Bangalore Mysore highway. They know that the vehicles have to slow down at this junction.

That’s when they come running at your window, request you to purchase a strand of it. The 90% feminine instinct always pesters the better half to purchase the beautiful flowers for the car at least & some 10% to be worn.

These kids keep the change always handy. The stoppage time most of the time will be less than 3 minutes. They realize that running around with “no change”/”will get change” will cancel the golden opportunity of the deal.

At the end of day all are delighted; the kids with the spiced up sales, the lady with the serene perfume the flower endures into the vehicle and some spectators like me have a matter to blog upon on how you don’t need an MBA to sell your products.

Of course the men usually end up losing amount; but of course this time it’s not a big one so they are happier somewhat joyful as well.

23 Feb 2010

Shamefully Proud!

Society is one anti-social organization. Why you may ask? Read on…


“Get it from your dad, I don’t care how. That’s how he shouted at me papa”

Sharanya was back home and in tears.

A grand marriage, a big car, a new home, 1kg of gold was promised and given recently.

Her father had married her to a guy who was a B.E + M.B.A and belonged to an educated family. At least that’s what he thought.

He was so wrong.

He sat down all shuddered and defeated.

He knew whatever was happening was not right. That’s what his daughter had told him even before the proposal was set.

“Papa I feel they are asking for a price to buy me. I don’t want to take this up”

Wish he had given an ear to her thought.

“It’s for the society beta. It enhances our prestige, their esteem and nothing more than that. What ever I have earned is just for you isn’t it? Don’t worry papa is with you” he had comforted her.

Even today knowing that the situation was wrong, he was scared to face it with courage.

“The society will mock at us if we don’t sort this out; I will somehow arrange for the amount” the father sighed.

When a girl’s family gives dowry it just means that the groom is doing their daughter a favor. Of marrying her and taking care of her the whole of his life. It's also thier mistake of beginning the cycle of demand and compliance!

While I blog about this, girls like Sharanya still ponder over the below

Why should we get married? Do we seek support and companionship? Are we not capable of handling life single handedly? Do we look for a partner? Do we seek prestige in the society by marrying an NRI? Do we want families… and if we get none of these, then what makes us still stay married…? If marriage makes us stop growing – if we are made to give up all that we love to do just to stay married then is it worth it to stay married?

All for the SOCIETY

Agreed that we have all come a long way from burning the women to poisoining the lady to beating her up for dowry et el. But the educated people who said to have have moved on, have they really?

Matters like above still exists quoting society, status co, esteem and prestige. To add to all this some even take it in the name of  "It's all in the tradition".

I remember my mother scolding me when I had once taken a crayon of my friend at school. Taking that doesn't belongs to us is wrong, she has made me return it back and ask "Sorry". The girls grow up with the same principle the parents instill in them.

But when it comes to marrying off the daughter its comepletly different. The responsibility has to be taken off the shoulders. Why? coz the society speaks of it, taunts if the girl is not sent at the right age. The same parents asks the child to move on, go with the flow, that's how the world is, hence "Compromise". Then why preach at first place when can't practice?

For girls this world is certainly not a "Happy Place" and that includes me as well.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Co-incidently I wrote this and soon read this.

Lovely Post my M which also makes me enter to the contest.

I am tagging my above entry under Dowry & Domestic Violence.

22 Feb 2010

I've Got Em

So DLF IPL is back home this year. You can go and enjoy the matches; apparently all the sponsors here and venues can make money.

But as the “must apologize” war between Shiv Sena and Sharukh is still on, Pakistani players are not playing. Hence Taliban has told threatened Australians + Kiwis to beware. “Watch before landing in India for the games” they informed.

They are all scared now.
Englishmen have also asked for explanation about the special security they will be provided.

No Pakistan, Worried Australians, Scared Kiwis and doubtful England. My question is who will play for the teams?

Why am I worried you may ask?

I have got the derby house tickets baby!!!! [Courtesy -> Dad -> Wodeyar]

It better get Bigger :- ) or else the tickets will be for sale soon

19 Feb 2010

Enough Already

From “K K K K Kiran” to “It’s KKhaan from the epiglottis”, isn’t it big time you call it Quits Mister Bollywood Baadshah?

18 Feb 2010

The Changing Times

Old times were really golden times. He thought to himself.

He was just done reading the letter. The letter that claimed her love for him; those anonymous secret fans he thought existed only on movies.

He was so wrong. “I love you sir”, she wrote.


She could be his student. His heart skipped a beat.

He remembered how in movies the hero would check the postal stamp of the post office which received that letter and then start his journey of tracing. He would somehow manage to find out that the letter was posted in some vicinity where only a school existed by the head postmaster.

Then he would head to the school & with help of the teachers, do some handwriting investigation and find out the mysterious stranger.

But this was printed; Lexmark printer wrote in thick Arial 10 size font. Times change, medium of communication change but love and intelligence under the deep influence of curiosity never change.

At the end of the letter it read \\SJCE10\4thSEM\CS\Asection\Sanjana Agarwal

Mission Accomplished !!!

16 Feb 2010

Valentine Gift

It’s not about movies @ INOX,
It’s not dining @ Leela,
Not even the pretty white woman’s best friends,
All a girl sings is “Ek Dil Chahiye that’s Made In India

Most women get the materialistic stuff, few get the unmaterialistic part but very rarely the jinxed unlucky gals get none of the above!!!

11 Feb 2010

Plan it Baby

Sex has always been the hush word in Asian countries. Although Indian government took a step ahead and is trying its level best to instill some sense of sex education among teenagers, the final word is that it’s still a taboo.

But questions related to aftermath of sex are considered very friendly and homely. Like last week one of my dad’s uncle i.e. my grandfather expired. We were attending the funeral and suddenly from nowhere an elderly aunt makes an appearance in a silk clad saree and asks me “any good news?!”.

I was so shocked, I couldn’t show any sort of emotions.

The importance of family planning was never known to the people who got married sometime back in 1930s. No really, then how would you explain me attending my “grandfather’s marriage” yesterday?

Let me explain; a couple lets call them C1 gets married in 1930s and has 4 kids who all are girls. After 20 years thier first daughter gets married, her husband being the educated one, does some sort of family planning & they have two kids (a girl G and a boy B) after 3 years of marriage. Please refer this couple as C2. When G is 4 years old the couple C1 have another girl baby. Hold on, it doesn’t stop here. The second daughter of the C1 couple gets married while the last baby is 1 year old and the mother of the bride is 6 months pregnant. So the couple C1 has their last baby which thankfully was a “Boy”. At this junction G was 7 years old.
Few years later G was old enough to be married but the society did not want her to be married because her aunt who was born after her was still 13. Now G being in love and all that went ahead & married anyway & after 2 years, she gave birth to one of the finest gems in the world. “Me”

After many years of growing, maturing and realizing it’s almost age to tie the knot I married last year. But yesterday it was his marriage; my grandmother’s brother & technically “My Grandfather”. C1 died long back, & so did my grandma. Poor my grandpa was entrusted with the responsibility of executing *the marriage* which of course was shared by my parents as well.

Trust me when I applied for a leave at office and the reason was asked, I had a hard time explaining the relation. Oh also it was embarrassing.

This post is to all the people who expect that after 9 months of my marriage today, I had to be with a child.

Buzz off you morons!!!

Why should KIDS have all the fun?

Are you newly/a year old wed? & still not a parent yet?
I am sure most of you are bombarded by the very-common-and-boring question “Any good news?”

Try telling them about how your dog gave birth to 6 puppies or the way your PM patted your back. You could even talk about how fortunate we Kannada folks are getting to watch Vishnu’s 200th completed movie.

When they give you a blank stare, don’t be rude, don’t be shy, just answer them “Oh you’re talking about kids, Hmmm may be next year, but you never know when accidents happen. The Condom pack reads that they are like only 99% accurate!!!

3 Feb 2010

My Realization#1

Dictionary says hap⋅pi⋅ness, –noun : the quality or state of being happy.

I say "Vanishes by the time you realize it's Arrival"

1 Feb 2010

How does SHE know?

That the person who broke the promise to be WITH her the whole of life still stays??

When SHE is,

Down after a fight,
Feeling low in life,
Want to be alone,
To yell out and cry,

That person makes his presence in her dreams & comforts her with those magical words of “I’m still there” by humming this song!!!

What if he din't make her wear that "Bichua", or did not step the "Saptapadi" along, failed to tie the "3 knots" they are still connected; not with the 'Materialistic' stuff but through "Heart"

"All Is Well" for her!