18 Feb 2010

The Changing Times

Old times were really golden times. He thought to himself.

He was just done reading the letter. The letter that claimed her love for him; those anonymous secret fans he thought existed only on movies.

He was so wrong. “I love you sir”, she wrote.


She could be his student. His heart skipped a beat.

He remembered how in movies the hero would check the postal stamp of the post office which received that letter and then start his journey of tracing. He would somehow manage to find out that the letter was posted in some vicinity where only a school existed by the head postmaster.

Then he would head to the school & with help of the teachers, do some handwriting investigation and find out the mysterious stranger.

But this was printed; Lexmark printer wrote in thick Arial 10 size font. Times change, medium of communication change but love and intelligence under the deep influence of curiosity never change.

At the end of the letter it read \\SJCE10\4thSEM\CS\Asection\Sanjana Agarwal

Mission Accomplished !!!


Anonymous said...

kahaani mein twist...it was a prank by Sanjana's enemy..Y not?

Unknown said...

:-) good old days