26 Feb 2010

Deal ya No Deal

Recently I blogged about how cops are trained on computers and internet. I guess dad has caught on with the techie virus too. That explains how he went ahead and had this road safety week in Infosys recently. He suggested they have a competition for the employees to come up with some inspiring 3 minute videos.

That may be of good value for the educational aspects in schools/college during road safety week that happens every year. The event was a huge success, leading the traffic police with 5 creamiest creative videos made with zero revenue [for the government].

The corporate guys didn’t do all this without a motive mind you, there was a plan. Few months back hubby was telephoned by the head security Infosys Mysore asking for appointment with dad. He was being told that the auto community was creating problems like demanding 50% extra to commute people who work there. They wanted a pre-paid auto stand at the entrance.

Somehow hubby wasn’t interested.
“They won’t promote me if I get this done. So chill” he told me.

Management offered to construct the building, hire a resource, and sponsor the computer & related electricity charges. All they wanted was the software having fares to different locality and the permission to run it.

They went ahead and contacted dad anyways and that's when dad bought up the event idea.

Event done, videos received.
I guess they will have their own pre-paid stand now.

It’s a WIN-WIN deal for both of them.