25 Feb 2010


I don’t get the whole “he should apologize” drama these days. The concept being so very simple; if you make a mistake and also think it is one, you have to say “SORRY” to the person/group of people who could have been hurt by your gaffe.

Sharukh makes a statement. Shiv seva says it’s a blunder and he has to apologize. Khan says he won’t. The burning of posters, the anger in front of his house all start. Still the badshaah won’t give in; I will not, he confirms. Ban on his upcoming movie in Mumbai says the saffron group. Police pitch in like they have no other matter at all to be taken care about. While all this happens Kasab still is making nonsense & different statements in the court and there are fresh blasts in Pune.

Amitabh urges the FmXt i.e. his extended family to support him as he asks the Mumbai Mirror editor to give an apology in the same page where his darling bahu and also the women of his house was misquoted of having TB and thereby will be unable to bear a grandson for him.
I don’t get why at the first place the media writes crap quoting “a close friend of the family” informed us. These days everybody trusts the unknown source and never believes the intelligence reports.

Muthalik was attacked by some miscreants while a TV show hosted a “talk show” regarding Valentine’s Day celebrations. The guy was pushed, hit and smeared black paint. He says that this act is not goondagiri democratic; of course it is not. So also was all that? A year back where girls at the Mangalore Pub were beaten black & blue. Back then the activists quoted that the pink chaddi campaign was unethical and not Indian. The campaigners wanted an apology from Muthalik that never happened.

Certain things must be well taught at home [Maneye Modhala Paatashale: Home is the first school]; or else at the pre-kindergarten or lower/upper kindergarten. If not at least the moral education should be made compulsory in all schools & not just the Christian institutions. Else they come back & hit rest of the world big time in the later, rather older stages of life.

I remember how my grandma made me say sorry to our neighbor’s kid few years back when I had hit him with my cricket bat. I had resented I won’t; he had called me names and even made horrible statement on how girls are always empowered by the men. I had good reasons not to say sorry. But I was made to. Grandma was of opinion that if the person kept his smile uttered the word sorry even after being right in fight, then the opposite counterpart would lose the thrill of causing havoc.

So here’s to grandma – Thank You!!! (Being grateful; she even taught this) & sorry for all the folks who didn’t quite learn the lessons right.