24 Feb 2010

Highway Hungama

I am so amused to see the tactics. The business knowledge the uneducated village kids have. I mean how can you explain the below?

Flowers like Crossandra, various types of Jasmine are widely grown nearby regions of Mysore. They are neatly plucked, tied together and given to these kids for sale. These kids always stand next to the humps placed on the Bangalore Mysore highway. They know that the vehicles have to slow down at this junction.

That’s when they come running at your window, request you to purchase a strand of it. The 90% feminine instinct always pesters the better half to purchase the beautiful flowers for the car at least & some 10% to be worn.

These kids keep the change always handy. The stoppage time most of the time will be less than 3 minutes. They realize that running around with “no change”/”will get change” will cancel the golden opportunity of the deal.

At the end of day all are delighted; the kids with the spiced up sales, the lady with the serene perfume the flower endures into the vehicle and some spectators like me have a matter to blog upon on how you don’t need an MBA to sell your products.

Of course the men usually end up losing amount; but of course this time it’s not a big one so they are happier somewhat joyful as well.