22 Feb 2010

I've Got Em

So DLF IPL is back home this year. You can go and enjoy the matches; apparently all the sponsors here and venues can make money.

But as the “must apologize” war between Shiv Sena and Sharukh is still on, Pakistani players are not playing. Hence Taliban has told threatened Australians + Kiwis to beware. “Watch before landing in India for the games” they informed.

They are all scared now.
Englishmen have also asked for explanation about the special security they will be provided.

No Pakistan, Worried Australians, Scared Kiwis and doubtful England. My question is who will play for the teams?

Why am I worried you may ask?

I have got the derby house tickets baby!!!! [Courtesy -> Dad -> Wodeyar]

It better get Bigger :- ) or else the tickets will be for sale soon