11 Feb 2010

Plan it Baby

Sex has always been the hush word in Asian countries. Although Indian government took a step ahead and is trying its level best to instill some sense of sex education among teenagers, the final word is that it’s still a taboo.

But questions related to aftermath of sex are considered very friendly and homely. Like last week one of my dad’s uncle i.e. my grandfather expired. We were attending the funeral and suddenly from nowhere an elderly aunt makes an appearance in a silk clad saree and asks me “any good news?!”.

I was so shocked, I couldn’t show any sort of emotions.

The importance of family planning was never known to the people who got married sometime back in 1930s. No really, then how would you explain me attending my “grandfather’s marriage” yesterday?

Let me explain; a couple lets call them C1 gets married in 1930s and has 4 kids who all are girls. After 20 years thier first daughter gets married, her husband being the educated one, does some sort of family planning & they have two kids (a girl G and a boy B) after 3 years of marriage. Please refer this couple as C2. When G is 4 years old the couple C1 have another girl baby. Hold on, it doesn’t stop here. The second daughter of the C1 couple gets married while the last baby is 1 year old and the mother of the bride is 6 months pregnant. So the couple C1 has their last baby which thankfully was a “Boy”. At this junction G was 7 years old.
Few years later G was old enough to be married but the society did not want her to be married because her aunt who was born after her was still 13. Now G being in love and all that went ahead & married anyway & after 2 years, she gave birth to one of the finest gems in the world. “Me”

After many years of growing, maturing and realizing it’s almost age to tie the knot I married last year. But yesterday it was his marriage; my grandmother’s brother & technically “My Grandfather”. C1 died long back, & so did my grandma. Poor my grandpa was entrusted with the responsibility of executing *the marriage* which of course was shared by my parents as well.

Trust me when I applied for a leave at office and the reason was asked, I had a hard time explaining the relation. Oh also it was embarrassing.

This post is to all the people who expect that after 9 months of my marriage today, I had to be with a child.

Buzz off you morons!!!


ishu said...

ohh shit .. this seems to be a long long confusion .. haha.. :P .. hope u had lovely time.. :)

The Kingmaker said...

Ha ha ha ha...i just cant stop laughing....