23 Feb 2010

Shamefully Proud!

Society is one anti-social organization. Why you may ask? Read on…


“Get it from your dad, I don’t care how. That’s how he shouted at me papa”

Sharanya was back home and in tears.

A grand marriage, a big car, a new home, 1kg of gold was promised and given recently.

Her father had married her to a guy who was a B.E + M.B.A and belonged to an educated family. At least that’s what he thought.

He was so wrong.

He sat down all shuddered and defeated.

He knew whatever was happening was not right. That’s what his daughter had told him even before the proposal was set.

“Papa I feel they are asking for a price to buy me. I don’t want to take this up”

Wish he had given an ear to her thought.

“It’s for the society beta. It enhances our prestige, their esteem and nothing more than that. What ever I have earned is just for you isn’t it? Don’t worry papa is with you” he had comforted her.

Even today knowing that the situation was wrong, he was scared to face it with courage.

“The society will mock at us if we don’t sort this out; I will somehow arrange for the amount” the father sighed.

When a girl’s family gives dowry it just means that the groom is doing their daughter a favor. Of marrying her and taking care of her the whole of his life. It's also thier mistake of beginning the cycle of demand and compliance!

While I blog about this, girls like Sharanya still ponder over the below

Why should we get married? Do we seek support and companionship? Are we not capable of handling life single handedly? Do we look for a partner? Do we seek prestige in the society by marrying an NRI? Do we want families… and if we get none of these, then what makes us still stay married…? If marriage makes us stop growing – if we are made to give up all that we love to do just to stay married then is it worth it to stay married?

All for the SOCIETY

Agreed that we have all come a long way from burning the women to poisoining the lady to beating her up for dowry et el. But the educated people who said to have have moved on, have they really?

Matters like above still exists quoting society, status co, esteem and prestige. To add to all this some even take it in the name of  "It's all in the tradition".

I remember my mother scolding me when I had once taken a crayon of my friend at school. Taking that doesn't belongs to us is wrong, she has made me return it back and ask "Sorry". The girls grow up with the same principle the parents instill in them.

But when it comes to marrying off the daughter its comepletly different. The responsibility has to be taken off the shoulders. Why? coz the society speaks of it, taunts if the girl is not sent at the right age. The same parents asks the child to move on, go with the flow, that's how the world is, hence "Compromise". Then why preach at first place when can't practice?

For girls this world is certainly not a "Happy Place" and that includes me as well.

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