31 Mar 2010

At the Age of....

So yesterday’s hot news has Nichananda err Nityananda quitting the supreme post of the Dhyanapeetam and the tennis star will be getting married to someone else. Only time will tell whether the Swamy is completely out of peetam and whether the marriage will ever happen, but the ultimate truth of the day was that my cake had 25 candles.

Each candle has a learning year wise. As I blew them off with rain god showering the blessings on me, here is what I think each of them symbolize.

At the Age of ...

1. I learnt to smile. A smile would make people love and cajole me. I would get all their attention in spite of them being busy. It specially would ease all the tension dad came home with and made mom relax after a day’s long work.

2. I learnt to talk: People who knew me close (& also my teachers) never forget to remember this year. Initially everyone liked the blabbering but once the years passed, they had questions like “why does she talk so much?”

3. I learnt to walk: Actually followed “put oneself in someone's shoes” even before the quote was heard. My favorite pastime would be wearing footwear of the guests who visited us, & if they were even 1% uncomfortable, I would just throw them up the terrace and later blamed the act on the crows.

4. I learnt to act: Displaying how badly my stomach ached so that I skip school, crying hard to get those tears so that grandma would rescue me from the clutches of bashing mom and slurping/relishing the milk to show that milk was consumed al though it went right into the drain.

5. I learnt to wash: No Comments

6. I learnt to share: Being the first kid and center of attraction, I never had any chance to share. That was when a little angel entered my life. Distributing parent’s love and their time between her and me, provided a new dimension for the word “Share”.

7. I learnt to love: Of all the years I had only taken love and never had a chance to give. This was the year of giving love and care to the kiddo who was the only one younger, at home.

8. I learnt to write: More details here.

9. I learnt to lead: Monitor for a mischievous flock of students at class was cool. But representing the whole class for the follies in front of the head master was a very big deal.

10. I learnt to be tough: It was not a good sight to see grandma weeping for the sudden demise of her young son. Grandpa who held her strong, taught me a great lesson that year.

11. I learnt to be intelligent: Considering the school I studied didn’t offer me much I decided to change it. This was the first step of my intelligence.

12. I learnt to console: Mother is 99% responsible of the kid’s behavior and future; it can be filled by none other than a daughter. This was the year to fill up the absence my mom suffered and I did it quite well.

13. I learnt to be a girl: After being the tomboy of the family, this year I learnt was made to learn feminism. Rest of the stuff like Sensitivity, Shopping Saga, Being Emotional, Fashion consciousness, Mess creation, Attitude followed.

14. I learnt the truth: That 3 letter word and the whole process, the 4 letter word and its usage, my vocabulary improved big time.

15. I learnt to move on: 6 years in school and good social behavior had made a gang of common interests’ individuals. School was done; Different college, different career subjects welcomed us by parting us apart.

16. I learnt to be free: Bunking classes, going to first day first shows, getting caught, long rides, quick picnics with new friends all were done.

17. I learnt to deal stress: 12th exams not only has career conclusion but it comes with lot of extra deals. Too much of cramming pupils around who made you feel that you would flunk the exam, tuitions that ate 8 hours in the weekdays and 12hrs in the weekends, regular classes, unit tests, form fill ups, pre & preparatory, CET confusion etc. You must have done a rewind?!

18. I learnt to be responsible: the adulthood attained has to be used wisely. Right from choosing a good not-bad politician to observing the blue color. All had to be done very much in private responsibly.

19. I learnt to socialize: Visiting the internet parlours to learn about the internet (emailing, chatting, and browsing) and then making friends at the www world. Sometimes building great rapport and then be part of a lovely just blossomed relationship.

20. I learnt to plan: About the life ahead, what job should be taken, where to move, how to convince parents, what the future will behold. Tons of questions asked, & answers for all were found.

21. I learnt to play: Basket ball, Throw ball, Carom, Chess, Safe!!! You get the point?

22. I learnt to be independent: Finding a job, sustaining in the new industry, growing well and earning along. No more pocket money and extra tuition fess, it was the year of financial independence.

23. I learnt to forgive: Destiny is above all. When the going got tough, the tough got going; I was asked to forgive and forget. The first was somehow done but later never happened.

24. I learnt to compromise: Single status never asks for anything. It listens to you, obeys you and follows you. But changing family will ask you for something very important and if you cannot give a 100% of it, the 3 knot relationship can fail. Yes compromise it is.

25. This year I guess I will learn to LIVE. For myself, coz ultimately if I am happy and I keep smiling, others will too…

With the rain asking everyone to chill on the day, a quarter has passed and cheers to that!!!

23 Mar 2010

Religious Race

Recently I received a FB request from a gal named “Shabana Mallik”. Before accepting any new requests I make it a point that I know the person; I am usually always bad at names but fine in identifying the ‘face’. So within a jiffy I recognized the belle but her name, it was so Islamic. I recalled that the girl behind that face was an Orthodox Tam Bam with oiled hair neatly made into 2 plaits with a maroon tape at the end.

I anyways went ahead and accepted the request, but a shock awaited me. Her FB statuses had nothing but ‘Quran Quotes’ and how ‘Allah’ is the only almighty. Another friend updated me that she left home, married an Islam guy and now follows Islam as her religion. You see basically I am not against love or inter-caste nuptials. But what is the whole point in quitting one’s religion and adapting another. Does love ask for that? If so then it really isn’t love. True love is about accepting the reality, of how you are physically, what you are economically and it never asks for a change.

“Love Jihad” is the ongoing hot issue that targets economically superior girls aged 18-24 in conversion to “Islam”. Media has reported more than 50 cases on TV over the last few months.

This concern has to deal with people who are mature; their age gives them an edge of thinking power. But have you ever wondered about kids of age 4 and onwards?

Language and public speaking has never been a problem to my mum. The sole reason being that her entire education until secondary was in a “Convent”. Those were the late 60s and early 70s days. Only convents said to have taught their pupils “Grammatical English”. But the kids were also taught little other stuff.

Girls were not supposed to wear the traditional “Bindis”, “Bangles” and “Flowers” to school. They had to attend an hour of mass compulsorily on Saturdays. Praise the “Father”, Pray to “Jesus” everyday and sing carols during Christmas. Every week a class on “English” was preached which had lessons on “Christianity” and why it was good. Certain Hindu festivals like “Shivrathri” or “Ramanavami” were never given offs on pretext of special classes.

One study has found that the brains of children from 3 to 11 years of age use twice as much as energy as the brains of adults. The restoration and believing is 80% higher at that tender age. One can imagine how many kids would have refused to visit temples or wear the bindis in day to day life. I am not saying that wearing them portrays “Hinduism” but if it wasn’t then why would some people from the other community try to forbid such habits?

& I sometimes wonder, for all these years I still haven’t learnt 50% of the customs, procedures followed and must-dos of my religion. How can one 100% belong to a newly adopted religion all of a sudden?

God Bless Em!!!

22 Mar 2010

1 Glass Soda Please

Those were the days when I used to lend a smile to people who would go by complaining about their acidity problems & wonder what the whole fuss is about. 2 out of 3 people I knew whined.

I got killed of it! Well almost on last Saturday;

I still sense the stomach wrench after one spoonful of curd rice the other day. I tried changing sleeping postures, drank spoons of water & glasses of Gellucil, but the damn pain wouldn’t go away.It stuck there like Jammy in test match cricket; BIL finding no other go, gave me “Eno” equivalent tablet that worked like OMG wonder.

Trust me that relief is in no par with getting diamonds as gifts as well!!!

One Sucrafil has to be consumed 45min before any meal. So that it reaches the stomach and sets a good atmosphere. & I can eat bland food without any pain later.

What would the world be without healing techniques?

As you guys ponder over the question, pass me a glass of soda please!

18 Mar 2010

My 1st Birthday Gift - 2010

Publishing the email that I received from Raksha who currently is the editor for "Chicken Soup for the Indian Mother's Soul"


Dear Kaavya

Thank you so much for writing for 'Chicken Soup for the Indian Mother's Soul'. The book has shaped out very well thanks to you.

1. Westland, the publishing house, is paying Rs XXXX and two copies of the book per story. You will get a further cheque of Rs XXXX and two copies of the book for every 10,000 copies sold.

2. I need a 3-4 line profile in the format given below for the Bios which will be carried in the book.

xxx (your full name) is .......................................................................................................................................................................


..................................................................................................... He/She can be reached at (you can give your email id/postal address/telephone number) (you can also opt not to give any contact info at all to our readers).

3. I have attached an agreement with this mail. Please do fill it and send it to who is copied on this mail before the 20th of March 2010. Please mark a CC to me as well. If you have contributed more than one story, mention the titles in the agreement. You do not need to send separate agreements for each story. If you have any confusion regarding your contributions please do mail me for the same.

4. Please note that the bios (profile) have to be sent to me only, also I request you to send it in the format I have illustrated above.



So I gifted myself the above; my blog post written long back is getting published on the book, the same book which was the first self-help book I ever read!!!
Yay! Cheers to Me :- )

17 Mar 2010

Game Well Played

“He could be here any minute and I am not even 10% geared up” Tasha complained

“Chill down babes. That man is never on time to the coaching sessions; let alone this date” Jessica comforted.

*Knock Knock*

“Oh shucks. I told you. Now move out and do take your stuff before you leave” Tasha hurried Jess out through the door that connected Jess’s room.

“Men are always in time when it comes to sex” one more lesson learnt claimed Jess, closing the door behind her.

Tasha was the hottest cheer leader from Washington D.C, flown recently for the Indian Premiere Cricket League [I.P.C.L]

The actual job included, jumping, rejoicing and dancing when the team they supported hit fours, sixes and when they took wickets against the opponents. Oh also wear short & skimpy clothes which revealed the hidden part of skin well during the hip-hopping.

There were extra trades that were expected; sleeping & satisfying the lust of the players. Some who were bachelors and most of them who were married but pleasure deprived.

The appointments were given on seniority basis; the coach, the captain, the vice and hence worth. Also flocks of girls were chosen on an identical base.

Chaurav entered the room with much zeal & zest. He commanded the lights were switched off completely.

“Come to me, you white mysterious lady” he yelled at her.

The play went all night long with no field restrictions. Several runs were scored with his stylish drives & no ball was ever chipped to the slips. He held her bosoms and used them as ‘pom-pons’ as she taught him, her best moves off the gaming field. At the end of day night he was contented that he was never caught and remained ‘not out’!!

Least did he know that he wore no guards and she was a positive. He had to retire from the game, game of life in a while.

12 Mar 2010

Timely Changes

He smiles and chuckles.

She laughs and giggles.

Love is in the air.
Being together adds up happiness.

They name the relationship & the joy vanishes!!

11 Mar 2010


Motherhood and Parenthood are two unlike provisos. It’s true that a child looks up to the mother foremost; she is the one who draws the outline and boundaries. But the pooled endeavor makes the picture come bright and neat without adding much smudging.

When a couple says they are not ready for the kid yet, it’s not just about “physical” and “financial” responsibility of the toddler. Parents are the first role models for the child, & hence it requires them to strive for perfection. With they being around one cannot take things for granted, every word spoken, every move made will be facsimiled. One has to stop the ‘spur-of-the-moment’ traits and add a lot of maturity to one’s life. They wouldn’t know what is right and what’s not; if you litter around, they do the same, you swear someone, and they obediently follow.

Molding has to be precise and it has to be at the tender age. Of late I have witnessed few scenes that horrified me to a very large extent. Let alone teaching, a few have gone way forward in using them; “misuse” would be appropriate.

It’s red and it has to be blood

A mother comes running to the pediatrician gasping for breath.

“My child was bleeding and it has just stopped” she informs pointing towards the little hand.

The doctor examines the kiddo, checks his hand, finds no indication of wounds or cuts, temperature is normal. He tells the lady that the kid is all right but next time if it bleeds, he asks her to collect the sample.

She comes back the same evening with a small box containing fluid.

“Here doctor. I have collected the blood for you” hands it to the doctor.

The content is very thick and smells weird. Still the doctor sends it to the lab and the results turn out that it’s not at all blood.

When she came to visit the doc again, his yelled at her for faking sample. She denied and was not ready to accept the mistake. I will prove it, she said and left.

She again bought the child bleeding from his nose; she had hit the kid so that he bled.

Shocked the doctor finds the file of the child and gives a call to the dad. Apparently it comes to light that the mother caught in a financial crisis, was creating this problem to send away the money lenders. She was buying time.

She is serious and that’s it

“Doctor, you have to check my angel. She is running high temperature” a woman came to the clinic.

The doctor examined and it was just mild fever. Rest was fine; he prescribed few medicines and asks her to take home.

“You have to admit her. She is serious. I will call her father to come immediately” she ordered.

The doctor thought that the mother might be relived with the admission and did the same.

The father was called; the kid was admitted and discharged after 12 hrs.

Few days from then, the lady pops up again with the same scenario.

“Please admit” she begs.

The doctor smells something fishy here. When insisted, the father confronts that he has another spouse. Whenever he plans to visit her, the mother shams the ‘serious’ episode to avoid him.

Make sure you get some basic right before venturing out into the action zone; it’s not just about reproduction.

Kids are innocent; with your efforts help them remain!!!

9 Mar 2010

Lights - Camera - Stop

[Clap] Target Mysore - Take 1

My good old town used to be so traditional and ethnic. It was a fresh breeze of change when Infosys started, was not a problem when CCD’s served the coffees, passable with the Orange Baristas and big Volvos connecting the city; but that should have been it.

Now with Malls coming up, more corporate organizations venturing, one subway already in function, JNURM digging up roads, constructing renovating the current bus terminal, the city is catching up the westernized flu.

Our very own Urs road is going to get an automated parking system, which is going to be the first in Mysore. Related machines are getting set up already. With this the traffic police are in pace with the technologically ahead race. The CC cameras are in place and spying on you in case you thought there is no police hence can take the rules for granted. Al though I wonder how many are actually functioning.

There have been talks about building 4 different subways for 4 roads connecting to K.R.Circle, which would mean that if a pedestrian wants to commute from road 1 to road 3, he has to climb down twice and climb up twice. What if he has tons of baggage? How can one expect him to do the nautanki of going up and down twice?

Mysore is free of traffic jams claim people who belong to namma Bengaluru, but have you guys traveled on Hunsur road recently? It has 8 signal lights for a stretch of less than 8km!!!!

One has to blink at the red Signal at Yashashwini convention hall, cross the Hinkal road where people are more on road than footpath, you are welcomed by signal at the famous Aishwarya Petrol Station, you have just changed the gear to third and bang there is red light laughing at you near Old Premiere studio/SJCE junction, honking at the patients from the BMH there is one confused signal Joseph’s, you are about to change from first gear to second, the traffic uncle (nope I am used to calling them uncle & not maama) whistling at you to stop near the Kukkaralli Junction, 1km from this junction there’s one at the C.F.T.R.I, if you are a theatre person you would love to know what’s playing in the Kalamandir, with the signal just in front of Kalamandir you could get ample time reading the shows & finally cherry on the cake, the signal at the Metropole. If are lucky enough & go straight you are saved, but if you take a left there is one more to greet you in a jiffy. But you take a right; you’ll feel you are jinxed coz the signal saga continues like “Kyunki Saas” soap opera that way.

If this continues, I’d be forced to tell rest of the world that our roads al though not jammed but certainly not for the (signal)Light Hearted.

8 Mar 2010

Hari Om ... Hurry Home !!!

To begin with let us all chant the famous mantra "Hari Om", which literally translates to ‘All that is the Truth’, essentially meaning the 'Supreme and Absolute Truth'.

Acquisitions and clarifications have come out in bundles since three days and *wink* nights. His other versions of anandas who are also his close aides gave statements that the person looked like him but of course it cannot be him. It’s morphed and graphics, they denied!!

The TV media did lot many programs with subject related to ‘ananda/bliss’. The TRP of the shows went on an all time high. The left camera displayed the swamy preaching about how he is the kaliyug ka krishna spiritually and the camera on the right showed him showering his blessings on the actress intimately.

The actress who was unknown even to the director who slept cast her in his movie became the most tweeted personality; she entered into the hot hall of fame. There have been enquiries in those blue colored shops for the uncensored version of the video.

2 adults having consenting sex is not bad. But not following what is preached is bad. Claiming that he has sacrificed all the worldly desires and still practicing kama, now that's bad. Certainly not Godman.

But is showcasing the subject to get the TRP any good? Looking for the uncut screening isn’t good either. Certainly Human.

Who is the Goodman?

A God’s man who owns all the hidden black money from the netas, preaches a thing and follows the opposite or a Human who is open about the commercialism from bribes to bar to beauties?

Anyways, today let’s chuck the “man” and talk about the “Woman”

We are celebrating 100th International Women’s Day today. Cheers to all the women who are successfully surviving both, the Godman & the Human, coz ultimately men will always be men!!

On that note I was thinking why not change the color of our flag? From saffron which represents sacrifice and salvation to perhaps "Red" indicating blood, domestic violance, rape, workplace harassment, dowry deaths, Gendercide and the list continues...
You give us violance but we answer with "White", the next color and the color of peace???
Hain na acha thought? Think about it!!

4 Mar 2010

Govinda Govindaa

Aiyooo, this post is not about the god man and his rasa leelas!!!

I am sure all you good guys have viewed the clip n-times in media, youtube and many other hosting files. My cousin tells that this is the first time he is not bugged when the TV channels played the 3 minute clip continuously for 30 hours.

Anyways, coming back, I am off to "Tirupathi". My first visit.

Will be back on sat.

Until then, {All Of You} Yedu Kondala Vada Venkataramana...
& don't lose the count!! 26 Days

3 Mar 2010

Romancing Differences

“What do I do?” she asked.

“I so want to communicate with him. I know that it’s over. We can’t be the same anymore. But can’t we be friends? Talk and debate at least. Like the way we used to do” she was in tears.

The day when his idol hero’s come back movie was released and it was declared a hit. She had gone with her friends, just for him. He wanted her to see. Al though she was not much into mass movies, she viewed it. All for him; that evening the discussion started. How the hero was dumb with his dialogues, how silly the climax was and how strange the heroine romanced. He counter argued & told her that this was how he is. This was how the people expect him to be. That’s the charm after all. She would let him win. Always; he would be happy, she thought.

Their close friend called him “debatable couple”. Healthy debates were their favorite time pass. They would argue about random things under the sun. How tea was better over coffee or how remakes are as good as the real stories. That was their way of romancing.

He loved winning. She loved losing for him. It was again a happy situation.

She loved doing everything he wanted her to. & he loved her for that.

One day he told her that it can’t happen anymore. She has to move on. She did the same. Coz he told her.

Today she wonders why she had to always listen to him. Why can’t he be with her? Like a well wisher and a friend. She wanted to tell him about her current life. The good happenings and the bad events; both which had made her completely give up in life. Help, was what she needed & she wanted it only from him. Her dreams comprised of him comforting her but that was her sub-conscious. The warmth he provided was absent. The warmth that no blanket can ever give, the feeling of I am there with you, go on.

She had the power of pen. Talking things against the idol would provoke him. She decided she would do the same. Each time she tried writing a bad statement against "his man" her hands trembled. She simply couldn’t. That was the way he had programmed her.

She went ahead & wrote about the movie, the technical defects and flaws. And clicked the “Post” button.

Next day she saw a lengthy anonymous comment.

She smiled. She has won for the first time!!!

2 Mar 2010

Film: Aaptharakshaka

“Blockbusters should be never touched again. Or even the sequels shouldn’t happen"
a good friend had once quoted.

There have been multiple examples of failures. Mungaru Male remade in Telagu failed miserably. The sequels too don’t hold a good record, Sholay, Raaz to name some.

1500 to 3000 for a ticket claimed papers. The costliest movie ever made in Sandalwood the producer said. But for what? Was it for the 30 meter long Anaconda or for the matrix style mein jumping 125 year old Vijayarajendra bahador or was it for the cheap saree/blouses that Bhavna wears in the movie or may be it was for the ‘Telgu horror flick Arundati’ type ending.

I guess it was for this man. If it wasn’t his death, the movie would have failed. Not just failed, it would have crashed beyond limits. Why?

I have many reasons to pen down

• Making a snake swirl through the home is really not cool. Especially at the beginning when it scares faints off some random girl. We appreciate the usage of graphics but not to this extent.

• When a girl faints, & water is splashed the sound should be of the water hitting the face Mr.Gurukiran. It should not sound like a slap. Get the basics right.

• Nagavalli has escaped from the bunglow only 5 years back in the form of snake says Avinash. But you the bread owner of the family, the father of 3 girls, you say that you saw the moult 30 years back? Nagavalli was with darling Soundarya those days. Al though she can be at two places, she likes to trouble only one lady at a time, mind you. Check your maths the dialogue writer.

• Again making the hero drive the vehicle like a maniac, claiming that he can jump up and pass through the hi tension wires? What were you guys even thinking? The whole theatre ROFL’d. In case you didn’t get what I said it’s rolled on floor laughing EVEN when there was no leg space. Such was the impact of that graphically handicapped scene.

• If you zoom in and show Bhavana behaving like a psycho, or focus her back (bare?) when she is excitedly shouting to make the audience come under a random decision that she might be the affected like the punch used in aapthamitra, you are so wrong Vasu. It was so predictable that the other chick was the troubled lady.

• Hitting back at the dialogue writer, when Vishnu says that Nagavalli has taken the snake forms to Komal, how can he say that he is scared about the 30m snake? The hero didn’t even mention the length. Shame on you whoever is the editor for this error.

• Who the hell designed clothes for Bhavana? Or did she buy them at some thrift shop? The blouses with patches everywhere were too tough for the eyes to handle. Our sweet Sitara wore good ones in “Halunda Tavaru”. If you wanted her to expose there were better ways. Haven’t you watched Raam Tere Ganga Maili, you sir the designer.

• Oh how can I forget the make-up artist? You gentleman need special focus in this post. How could you even think of doing such horrid task on the hero? What did he ever do to you? You have overdone everywhere & made him look so much older than he actually is. You should apologize for the man now. Couldn’t you undo the puffiness of the man? Was that so difficult for you? I guess the director thought that if bad artist is taken Nagavalli smudged kajal damage will be still more horrible. He forgot that there were 7 girls excluding our dear Nagavalli.

• Vishnu can never do a bad scene like wooing the girls someone once told me. The “yenu structure” dialogue in apthamitra was muted hence was the debate. It is so not the scene here. The man persuades the lady till she gives up. Also it is portrayed that he has nymphomania by his soldier, which is never undone. No scene shows that he was wrongly shown. The audience is made to believe that it’s true.

• Our beloved Vijay asks few random people about anyone living more than 125 years and shockingly the man knows it. I wonder how; recently one of my colleagues knew this girl’s old address but not the new one. He still is searching.

• Was there a need to render the old king that way? I mean what was he doing? Swirling like a buguri, fighting like he is Keanu Reeves in Matrix, the martial arts displaying and talking in some funny language? Why did our psychiatrist visit him? Did he want to see all the above? I don’t get the point.

• Our hero requests guruji not to conduct the puja until he says. But the guruji anyways does it and when he is back the hero doesn’t question him. Why? Editor you there?

• Finally no guruji solved the problem, no hero could help anyone. Was his job only to find out whose body was possessed?

• Guruji trips, Rudrakshi entangles to a pillar, gets cut and beads fall. OMG! What was the director even thinking? & while Gauri was trying to fight with the old man not so old man, hero just watched. Panicked and who were doing the puja? The king dies due to natural disaster and Nagavalli is happy. So who is good? The ghost or the king?

• After the death the snake enters the paathala. But remember what the ghost told hero? I will kill you after the raja’s death for calling her names. I guess the spirit suffers from ghajini syndrome.

The man is the real rakshaka. I shall tell you how, if it was not his death, the producer would have gone to dogs. I wouldn’t have recommended this movie, even now I won’t. But for the legend and to mark his 200th movie, I request one and all should have a look at it. Some scenes are so co-incidental. When he talks about death, spirituality and how he is back.

I still can’t digest the fact of not showcasing a special screening of the movie just for the industry pals. After all this is the man’s 200th movie and more importantly last movie which is not to be taken lightly.

It’s a Bad world I tell you!!

Edited: 28 Days to Go

1 Mar 2010

A quarter gone by...

Welcome readers.

Apparently its march, which also means that it’s the birthday month. There is whole lot of bumps to given and taken as well. Yup I am one hot Arian if you dint know.

I remember how few years back I had this countdown run the whole month, helping people realize it’s that time of the month that asks for gifts and surprises and cakes and parties. It’s also that part of the year that needs immediate tax planning, to help you all my janam din falls a day before last day for filing your taxes March 31st.

Actually the sequence is quite amazing. Its March 30th, you start showering gifts [make gift deeds for me], claim that in your income tax on the next day March 31st. & then the next day awaken to enlighten yourself that you have been such a fool on April 1st.

I am getting my wish list ready incase there is any problem selecting goodies or no time to organize surprise bashes. Hubby is done with all sorts of shopping already; from clothes to gold to special dinners.

Also this year it’s kind of a milestone one; marks a quarter of ages that I lived. 1/4th of my precious life is done. OMG!!!

Let the celebrations begin…. Howrah Howrah!!!!