22 Mar 2010

1 Glass Soda Please

Those were the days when I used to lend a smile to people who would go by complaining about their acidity problems & wonder what the whole fuss is about. 2 out of 3 people I knew whined.

I got killed of it! Well almost on last Saturday;

I still sense the stomach wrench after one spoonful of curd rice the other day. I tried changing sleeping postures, drank spoons of water & glasses of Gellucil, but the damn pain wouldn’t go away.It stuck there like Jammy in test match cricket; BIL finding no other go, gave me “Eno” equivalent tablet that worked like OMG wonder.

Trust me that relief is in no par with getting diamonds as gifts as well!!!

One Sucrafil has to be consumed 45min before any meal. So that it reaches the stomach and sets a good atmosphere. & I can eat bland food without any pain later.

What would the world be without healing techniques?

As you guys ponder over the question, pass me a glass of soda please!