9 Mar 2010

Lights - Camera - Stop

[Clap] Target Mysore - Take 1

My good old town used to be so traditional and ethnic. It was a fresh breeze of change when Infosys started, was not a problem when CCD’s served the coffees, passable with the Orange Baristas and big Volvos connecting the city; but that should have been it.

Now with Malls coming up, more corporate organizations venturing, one subway already in function, JNURM digging up roads, constructing renovating the current bus terminal, the city is catching up the westernized flu.

Our very own Urs road is going to get an automated parking system, which is going to be the first in Mysore. Related machines are getting set up already. With this the traffic police are in pace with the technologically ahead race. The CC cameras are in place and spying on you in case you thought there is no police hence can take the rules for granted. Al though I wonder how many are actually functioning.

There have been talks about building 4 different subways for 4 roads connecting to K.R.Circle, which would mean that if a pedestrian wants to commute from road 1 to road 3, he has to climb down twice and climb up twice. What if he has tons of baggage? How can one expect him to do the nautanki of going up and down twice?

Mysore is free of traffic jams claim people who belong to namma Bengaluru, but have you guys traveled on Hunsur road recently? It has 8 signal lights for a stretch of less than 8km!!!!

One has to blink at the red Signal at Yashashwini convention hall, cross the Hinkal road where people are more on road than footpath, you are welcomed by signal at the famous Aishwarya Petrol Station, you have just changed the gear to third and bang there is red light laughing at you near Old Premiere studio/SJCE junction, honking at the patients from the BMH there is one confused signal Joseph’s, you are about to change from first gear to second, the traffic uncle (nope I am used to calling them uncle & not maama) whistling at you to stop near the Kukkaralli Junction, 1km from this junction there’s one at the C.F.T.R.I, if you are a theatre person you would love to know what’s playing in the Kalamandir, with the signal just in front of Kalamandir you could get ample time reading the shows & finally cherry on the cake, the signal at the Metropole. If are lucky enough & go straight you are saved, but if you take a left there is one more to greet you in a jiffy. But you take a right; you’ll feel you are jinxed coz the signal saga continues like “Kyunki Saas” soap opera that way.

If this continues, I’d be forced to tell rest of the world that our roads al though not jammed but certainly not for the (signal)Light Hearted.