17 Mar 2010

Game Well Played

“He could be here any minute and I am not even 10% geared up” Tasha complained

“Chill down babes. That man is never on time to the coaching sessions; let alone this date” Jessica comforted.

*Knock Knock*

“Oh shucks. I told you. Now move out and do take your stuff before you leave” Tasha hurried Jess out through the door that connected Jess’s room.

“Men are always in time when it comes to sex” one more lesson learnt claimed Jess, closing the door behind her.

Tasha was the hottest cheer leader from Washington D.C, flown recently for the Indian Premiere Cricket League [I.P.C.L]

The actual job included, jumping, rejoicing and dancing when the team they supported hit fours, sixes and when they took wickets against the opponents. Oh also wear short & skimpy clothes which revealed the hidden part of skin well during the hip-hopping.

There were extra trades that were expected; sleeping & satisfying the lust of the players. Some who were bachelors and most of them who were married but pleasure deprived.

The appointments were given on seniority basis; the coach, the captain, the vice and hence worth. Also flocks of girls were chosen on an identical base.

Chaurav entered the room with much zeal & zest. He commanded the lights were switched off completely.

“Come to me, you white mysterious lady” he yelled at her.

The play went all night long with no field restrictions. Several runs were scored with his stylish drives & no ball was ever chipped to the slips. He held her bosoms and used them as ‘pom-pons’ as she taught him, her best moves off the gaming field. At the end of day night he was contented that he was never caught and remained ‘not out’!!

Least did he know that he wore no guards and she was a positive. He had to retire from the game, game of life in a while.