8 Mar 2010

Hari Om ... Hurry Home !!!

To begin with let us all chant the famous mantra "Hari Om", which literally translates to ‘All that is the Truth’, essentially meaning the 'Supreme and Absolute Truth'.

Acquisitions and clarifications have come out in bundles since three days and *wink* nights. His other versions of anandas who are also his close aides gave statements that the person looked like him but of course it cannot be him. It’s morphed and graphics, they denied!!

The TV media did lot many programs with subject related to ‘ananda/bliss’. The TRP of the shows went on an all time high. The left camera displayed the swamy preaching about how he is the kaliyug ka krishna spiritually and the camera on the right showed him showering his blessings on the actress intimately.

The actress who was unknown even to the director who slept cast her in his movie became the most tweeted personality; she entered into the hot hall of fame. There have been enquiries in those blue colored shops for the uncensored version of the video.

2 adults having consenting sex is not bad. But not following what is preached is bad. Claiming that he has sacrificed all the worldly desires and still practicing kama, now that's bad. Certainly not Godman.

But is showcasing the subject to get the TRP any good? Looking for the uncut screening isn’t good either. Certainly Human.

Who is the Goodman?

A God’s man who owns all the hidden black money from the netas, preaches a thing and follows the opposite or a Human who is open about the commercialism from bribes to bar to beauties?

Anyways, today let’s chuck the “man” and talk about the “Woman”

We are celebrating 100th International Women’s Day today. Cheers to all the women who are successfully surviving both, the Godman & the Human, coz ultimately men will always be men!!

On that note I was thinking why not change the color of our flag? From saffron which represents sacrifice and salvation to perhaps "Red" indicating blood, domestic violance, rape, workplace harassment, dowry deaths, Gendercide and the list continues...
You give us violance but we answer with "White", the next color and the color of peace???
Hain na acha thought? Think about it!!