1 Mar 2010

A quarter gone by...

Welcome readers.

Apparently its march, which also means that it’s the birthday month. There is whole lot of bumps to given and taken as well. Yup I am one hot Arian if you dint know.

I remember how few years back I had this countdown run the whole month, helping people realize it’s that time of the month that asks for gifts and surprises and cakes and parties. It’s also that part of the year that needs immediate tax planning, to help you all my janam din falls a day before last day for filing your taxes March 31st.

Actually the sequence is quite amazing. Its March 30th, you start showering gifts [make gift deeds for me], claim that in your income tax on the next day March 31st. & then the next day awaken to enlighten yourself that you have been such a fool on April 1st.

I am getting my wish list ready incase there is any problem selecting goodies or no time to organize surprise bashes. Hubby is done with all sorts of shopping already; from clothes to gold to special dinners.

Also this year it’s kind of a milestone one; marks a quarter of ages that I lived. 1/4th of my precious life is done. OMG!!!

Let the celebrations begin…. Howrah Howrah!!!!