3 Mar 2010

Romancing Differences

“What do I do?” she asked.

“I so want to communicate with him. I know that it’s over. We can’t be the same anymore. But can’t we be friends? Talk and debate at least. Like the way we used to do” she was in tears.

The day when his idol hero’s come back movie was released and it was declared a hit. She had gone with her friends, just for him. He wanted her to see. Al though she was not much into mass movies, she viewed it. All for him; that evening the discussion started. How the hero was dumb with his dialogues, how silly the climax was and how strange the heroine romanced. He counter argued & told her that this was how he is. This was how the people expect him to be. That’s the charm after all. She would let him win. Always; he would be happy, she thought.

Their close friend called him “debatable couple”. Healthy debates were their favorite time pass. They would argue about random things under the sun. How tea was better over coffee or how remakes are as good as the real stories. That was their way of romancing.

He loved winning. She loved losing for him. It was again a happy situation.

She loved doing everything he wanted her to. & he loved her for that.

One day he told her that it can’t happen anymore. She has to move on. She did the same. Coz he told her.

Today she wonders why she had to always listen to him. Why can’t he be with her? Like a well wisher and a friend. She wanted to tell him about her current life. The good happenings and the bad events; both which had made her completely give up in life. Help, was what she needed & she wanted it only from him. Her dreams comprised of him comforting her but that was her sub-conscious. The warmth he provided was absent. The warmth that no blanket can ever give, the feeling of I am there with you, go on.

She had the power of pen. Talking things against the idol would provoke him. She decided she would do the same. Each time she tried writing a bad statement against "his man" her hands trembled. She simply couldn’t. That was the way he had programmed her.

She went ahead & wrote about the movie, the technical defects and flaws. And clicked the “Post” button.

Next day she saw a lengthy anonymous comment.

She smiled. She has won for the first time!!!


ishu said...

why do i think this is your story.. ? .. is it?

pls reply ..

you never reply to my comments.. i know somewhere they mite not be worth to reply for u .. but then i am ur reader.. since a long time..!! and its good to interact .. ryt ..?? if u cant answer my question then its ok .. but do reply.. :)

take care.. keep writing..

Anonymous said...

is it ur personal story? am quite sure it is. Anyways keep writing. Good luck