19 Apr 2010

I am going International

Some German TV guys were here at office. They chose to shoot the office, people who work here, how stressed IT crew is and finally how in India we practice Yoga to de-stress.

Sujata had picked a couple of people who would participate act for the shoot. I was in. Acting comes naturally to me; so it was job handled easily. We had to act as if we were working hard; some shooting was done while we stuffed food & finally 20 minutes of Yoga.

The yoga was amazing; the weather gave company. The cool Mysore breeze, the fresh green grass added to the relaxing effect. Being barefoot on the grass itself is so pleasing, combined to it was the chanting of “Omkaras”, some breathing techniques.

So this will be telecasted in June. I shall upload the crisp edited video soon in the blog.

Till then, chant the “Shanthi” mantra for the wellness of the universe.