29 Apr 2010

It Caught Many

Internet Technology played and continues to play with us, our lives.

Not so long ago when the word “internet” was heard, “Internet Parlors” sprung open in each and every road charging 30 bucks for every hour. Especially where they had college crowd; all the enthusiastic guys learnt how to create email IDs, wrote funny passwords and then managed to forget it without fail. With their next visit to the cafĂ©, they created one more Id with the year “2001”/”2002” next to their name as the web service told them that the username was already taken by someone. That someone was none other than the guy who was trying to create one.

A year from then world had taken the first step of social networking. Conversations started with “ASL”, chatting, making online friends were the most happening scenes of those days.

All the gals had a tube structure of “Shilpa Shetty” & men were “TDH”; imagination was all that was required then. Suddenly, webcams blinked their red lights. If a gal/guy refused to come online with a webcam on, the “oh I missed you” type of talks never happened again between the couple.

Privacy was one thing that existed till then but one day suddenly a guy (apparently he lost his girlfriend and wanted to search her) created “ORKUT”. It gave everyone the access to everyone’s lives. Who chatted with whom, about what, everything a “scrapbook” revealed. The term “scrapbook” soon transformed into “crapbook”, but thankfully settings were introduced that would make the “Ex” not spy the present life.

There was no looking back since then; social networking has conquered all; common man, celebs, government officials, business tycoons, politicians and who not.

Many lives were made & much more broken; getting caught in the greatly woven “Web”, being the cause.