20 Apr 2010

It Happens Only In India: Time matters

It was a hot sunny afternoon; myself and hubby relaxing at mom’s. Dad seemed to have had some free time to spare and started chit chatting with hubby about his work and blunders that happen there.

One of the incidents I script here. A car smashed a two wheeler at around 9:30am some day. The rider of the 2 wheeler is said to have died on the spot. The culprit escaped from the scene. The first thing is did was to rush to the insurance company and get the insurance done by 11:30am. The police managed to trace the car guy and booked a case against him.

When asked if he had insurance, he displayed the one he had made recently. The constables wrote that he had insurance. Now when the file came to dad for further signature, dad thankfully is said to have observed the timings of the insurance made by the Xerox attached.

The complete report was made again and the submitted to the court. People even at the time where panicking is mandatory are off to get things done illegally. Hats off to the new evolved human being; or should I say “Indian”

It happens only in India, I tell you.