16 Apr 2010


It's EOD and a Friday.

See, I did not end the last sentence with a "!!!" but with a "Full Stop".

That implies 2 things: a) My weekend has too many tasks to be completed and b) I am not visiting mom's.

Not that I am not allowed to visit but I don't want to. It asks for travel from one end of Mysore to the other. Next, mom pampers both of us with too many dishes at home that will add on to the already accumulated baby human fat. Further more, needs packing of his "formal" clothes along with the socks and the shoes for the monday mornings. We also get very lazy there, involves getting up when the clock strikes 9. That gives no time for our regular systamatic jogs/walks.

Bloody time changes the priorities of everyone. I still remember how dad shortlisted all my alliances; he wanted me to be married to someone who is settled here in Mysore. Daughter is always homesick, needs her mother next to her, never been out of home, he had valid reasons. I agreed; there was no way I could leave parents for more than 4 days at stretch. It so happened once that I made my mom travel 500km all the way just because I was missing her.

It was also the same when I was the colorful, just-married bride. But then after 11 months now, I have found a new home, which is now "My Home".

But what worries me now is about "Mom". Dad being ever busy is present at home only 10hrs a day and Sis being the padaaku talks less, is surrounded by books & mostly closed doors in her room. That leaves ma, she spends most of the time chatting with the "servants" and follows all the tele-seriels, IPL matches, silly news and what not.

I guess I should make her do something productive! Guys have any ideas?? Do pitch in :)


Gitesh said...

teach her to blog!!!!!

Dums said...

Give her a gift, say "Grand Child". That ll make her busy for some more months :)