5 Apr 2010

Someone calls me Kithapathi Kavya

I have always believed that planned pranks can get really cheeky. Well it has always worked that way for me till date. It can be that instance where I made Sanketh believe that his mom added salt to curry by crying and letting her tears dissolve when he was 5, or when both of us decided to throw some kid into the well, not to forget when a couple of us in college stole the guts out of TT’s relationship.

It was 5th semester when all of us were bonded quite well, knew who dated who, how much information the family knew and how they felt etc. Formerly lovie dovie & now married couple, TT and G, those days were recently in relationship. The phase where you can’t stop messaging each other, being together, waiting for college to start, those 5 minute dates, miracle glances, holding hands, getting dressed up well, bunking classes to make time and stuff like that. Yeah, this stage asks for something really special, “Writing love letter to the beloved” using bright colors, adding mushy quotes and handing it over in a unique way. I have no idea if it was ever done by G or TT, but someone close wrote something nice for the couple, yes in a letter, which the wise G told TT to tear off once the reading was done.

But TT being TT wanted to store it (she taught us how important it is to keep track of all the hotels we visit with a date on the paper napkins of the inn for the nostalgia moments). So she stored it at a place where no hands would reach and luckily for aunty i.e. her mom the hands got hold of it. Aunt held further discussions with the couple, and warned them off. So the emotional tension was all heated up & 2 days from then April 1st arrived.

I decided to make the mahol a little nice and cool; updated dummi and M about the plan. Together we three plotted against the couple. All we did was to change the name of {G} in my phone to {some known guy}’s name. Then type a message like “Want to meet you urgently to tell you what happened at home. Please meet at cycle stand at 11am”. Those days only I had cell phone and rest of the gang used it (can you believe it; we used to finish off all the 100 free messages within the first class?)

The neatly typed message was sent off to G first. He then went on to reply with “OK” and we deleted the message. Then the message was sent to {some known person}’s cell phone which he honestly messaged back to my number. So TT who sat close to the lecturers was shown the message; she read the message, got tensed, didn’t even bother to see the sender’s number but saw that the sender’s name was G which we had changed earlier. She wrote on the chit us that she will bunk the next class and we all controlled our laughter to reply “yes, don’t worry, all will be fine”.

The next class was of the madam who breathed less and shouted less. The attendance % of TT for that subject was on an all time low but heck she cared about all that, her attention was shifted to meeting G, knowing the issue and solving that. The class ended, she headed to the cycle stand and few minutes the lecturer arrived. The class started and 15 minutes from the start, TT came running huffing and puffing, excused herself but she wasn’t let in by the madam!

We three laughed our hearts out at this junction and we knew that post-class would be very fatal. Rest is history, but the couple was fooled!!!

Only regret is that we couldn’t actually witness the fooling act, i.e. cycle stand scene was missed. I wonder what they spoke, TT any details? So this act successfully went in my “adventures” book. Also recently there is one more into the list, this.

Sorry for hurting the sentiments of people who have commented there and I am glad that the fake notice itself gave an immense happiness; I wonder how in real it would make me feel. Here is a toast to happiness in fooling!


Dums said...

Thanks for posting this blog.

Night out we did @ M's place, ur's mehendi disaster in thej's wedding, early morning tutions, D's bike accident involving both of us, home made puliyogare .. :-*

I miss those days. :(

can we do a reunion soon ??
Love u K,M,T