1 Apr 2010


I we have finally surrendered to the questions and decided to give the news.

As I said here that this year I shall learn to live, someone wise said that a women has another birth after she delivers.
There you go; I let it out!!

Send those best wishes, experiences while I nervously read “What to expect when you are expecting”


Anonymous said...

Hello ,

Congratulations.What to expect when you are expecting doesnot really prepare you for anything. Life is going to turn 360 degrees.
Just enjoy your freedom now.


ishu said...

congratulations on one of your best moments .. :)
ten little fingers ten little toes.. boy or girl no one knows.. :P ..
hearty congratulations.. :)

urvashi said...

oh wow....Congratulation! Send me the details...exciting new...can't be angry any more :)

Anonymous said...