27 May 2010

Yay - Read it to Believe!

Certain quotes are thought provoking.
“If you have the ability doesn’t mean you are good at it”
– someone told me recently.

Al though many of my reader friends offered their suggestions that I write well and I should consider on publishing level, I gave it a pass. I always had this “Can I do it?” sorta question. But what the heck, a question that makes you think, is worth adding some ink.

So after giving up my “let’s see” attitude, I guess now is the time; so this is an official announcement.

Soon 'the book' will be out authored by “ME”

Uhhhh keep those inputs, wishes, and comments coming in already!!!

Not that you should do it but I would love to read it.

25 May 2010

What More Can I Give?

Today, while myself and colleague collected money for the "charity housie" event, memories took me down the lane.

Not so long ago, I was in kindergarten, the Christian organization made an announcement in the class. “Please donate all your old clothes, shoes and stuff to the needy. They need it”. I promptly came home to pack clothes I never liked or thought-they-dint-create-fashion-sense.

Horrified mom thought I was leaving home; that’s another story. Anyways so the packing was on and mom enquired what I was doing. I told her about my interest in donating stuff to the needy in the orphanages. Happy that her kid thinks beyond her age, mom too pitched in & added one of my favorite ribbon shaped red shoes that I had outgrown to.

So finally we were ready with a baggage containing dad’s trousers, my frocks, mom’s Sarees & not to forget my shoes. The bag too was donated & mom being proudest in full spree ended the saga. But not until we saw something terrible on Christmas; while the groups sang carol, I watched kids dancing merrily to the tunes & spotted my shoes. The same shoes that I had donated earlier last year; it was worn by this little boy.

The boy turned out to be the kid of my class teacher at kindergarten; & that’s the day me & mom last faith in “we-will-help-the-needy” kind of organization.

“Transparency and Trust are two sides of charity” is what I believe.
They say charity begins at home, probably the teacher thought it other-wise.

24 May 2010

Film: Kites

Disastrous death doesn’t happen to all; the girl who tweeted that she hates weddings had no clue that god had granted her a wish not to attend anymore celebrations, or the air hostess who always wanted to fly was approved of her dream only in the form of “Death”. I’d wish that they never had made such statements, which is such an “Irony” now after the crash.

Landings are the only stuff that I hate about flying; one small mistake and “whoosh” it’s all over. The anticipation of coming to a different location on a holiday & fun, for weddings & celebrations or even the excitement of coming home will be just whisked away. Of all the times that I have flown the worst has been with “Sri-Lankan Airlines” when it landed back in Bangalore. It was so turbulent that the cabin baggage got thrown outside, the food trays flung open and some of the seats even got reclined due to the vibration. My eyes literally popped out in shock and fear.

Fear, is when you know that there could be threat; threat to life & you want to avoid it. My only fear is that of heights especially they are combined with technology. Like the “Giant Wheels” that whirls at tremendous speed, the boxes can topple and be thrown off causing death. But Pati argues that if death is destined it will hit you no matter how safe you are.

I wouldn’t want to regret that if only I had taken more care, the incident wouldn’t have occurred at all. I will be happy that I did not risk my life, rather it tricked me.

P.S: On a lighter serious note, do avoid watching Kites. It’s a bigger risk than of landing on a table top runway.

21 May 2010

Saawan Barse... Tarse Dil....

Apparently Laila is running around in India searching for someone (Majnoo maybe) showering & sheltering us from the pricking heat the sun offered for free.

Rains are lovely, all of us like to get drenched, play and dance in the rain assuming we take some genes from the “Pavo cristatus”, smell the wet aroma mother earth offers us. Totally agree on all that, but man practically “the mess” sucks the shit out of me.

• The muddy roads getting the tires dirty, and when the car lands inside the portico after carrying 90% of the mud into home.

• The wet slippery shoes/sandals creating ruckus to the welcome mats, carpets, car interiors and so on.

• The clothes not receiving much sunshine put to dry under the fan & the home smells of wet bad smell.

• Because the clothes did not dry, rather crispy dry leaving a dirty stench when you wear it next.

• The way you are expected to carry an umbrella everywhere you go which leaves you with just one hand to spare hence reducing the shopping bags.

I can forgive the rain gods for one best thing; it’s when I wake up around 5:45am for the daily walk, realize that it’s raining & hence pull that blanket up to catch some sleep without any regrets of being lazy to go for a walk.

Timing really matters & you “Laila” better remember that 5:45 it is!!!

11 May 2010

Of Bliss, Bidaai & Being Old

After losing close to 2kgs & almost sick of de-hydration, I am back to paradise. Damn it, I wouldn’t trade anything for leaving this place. Its heaven and I mean it totally.

Just imagine its close to 50degrees, there is a function to be attended and mom suggests I drape a Saree.

“No way”, I told her.

Simple cotton kurtha it was; & of course because I was not dressed heavily did not stop the guy tying the 3 knots. The wedding took place in an AC hall so we both spent maximum amount of time with the newly weds, but had to leave at the “Bidaai” time at least. It’s a family thing I believe; & I hate to see those, reminds my moment though, with mom in tears since the auspicious time and dad when I touched his feet for the blessings. Sister not even shed a single drop; that stone hearted chick.

“Why should I? You are just a phone call away, if not a small drive apart” she claims.

The year has passed in a jiffy and I am theoretically not the newly wed now. Sigh!! So that takes away a lot of leverages like when we visit someone, they make sure they serve you awesome food, take care 24/7, let us sleep in the master bedroom even if they have to make bedding in the living and finally give away goodies while bidding goodbye. Mom served us Nescafe coffee with “silver” glasses initially, when the SIL made tantrums that it’s terribly hot, transformed into porcelain cup & saucers with Bru instant, today it was “stainless steel” glass having filter coffee kapi to be precise. :)

Jokes apart, other than the weather, I enjoyed my 3 day vacation to the max with my 1 year old Pati. Romantic walks by the Mughal architecture, romancing in the Hawa mahal, witnessing the fire works, DJ Suketh playing numbers, having hot Irani Chai in the “Snow World”; I couldn’t have asked for more. To top it up, the “Paradise Hyderabadi Biryani”, Mughul Pan, pastries & biscuits from Karachi bakery and Liquor chocolates around to spice n sweeten up the taste buds.

I still haven’t got hold of my gift; so while I am off to have that moon lit mom-in-law made dinner at the ghar ka terrace, you guys should visit my town if you don’t agree with the 1st part of this post or read the latest here.

7 May 2010

Nenu Velthanu, untanu.

The lovely Sania has returned to India with her hubby, just for me. There should be someone to welcome me when I reach Hyderabad isn’t it? Actually I wouldn’t mind if it was “Allu Arjun”. I told her to continue with her honeymoon and Dubai home set-up plans.

She says I am way too sweet @twitter.

Anyways coming back to my plans; yeah I am off on a small holiday. I leave the heritage city by noon today; reach the garden city and then city of Nizams. A function has to be attended, visit RFC, & loads of girlie shopping at the “Chudi Bazzar”. I have actually taken an empty bag just to fill all the extra goodies to be bought from there.

I am back on Monday night; & by then I will be 365 days old in marriage.


5 May 2010

D Imaginary World

I have a question.

How are movies like Mangaluru Manjunatha, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Milana have a similar point of view? & why did they go on to become a hit at the respective box offices?

Is it because they speak about Indian marriage culture & how wives are supposed to forget the past to live the present so that the future is beautiful? Some say that’s a universal truth that the wife finally has to love the “Pati”. Of course, if a guy agrees to go to an extent of getting back the lost love of the wifey which the parents could not, the girl will rather should fall in for the hubby.

But would a husband, after listening to the history of his wife, keep tight-lipped about the circumstance, console her and go in search of the lover? Practically it would have resulted in a divorce aste.

If you ask me, I see no basis in them, the movies! Really!

Don’t you guys agree?

4 May 2010

Teriyaki Boyz in the Background

Ouch my back hurts; wait it’s not just my back, the entire body hurts. Hurts & how, certain things are meant to be felt and realized & not just read to be understood. Reason being simple, I have started this new venture after the slow breath controlling Yoga; it is “Dance Aerobics + Kick Boxing” time.

3 days a week, an hour of vigorous session it is. But if you love dance, it’s just lovely how you will not realize the way the fat is being burnt. Of course the aftermath is the pain. But no pain no bloody gain isn’t it?

I am off to practice those moves 1, 2 stretch and bend, 3, 4 stretch and kick. Continue 4 more sets;

Now Playing: Tokyo Drift I wonder if we know How they workout in Gym (hai!) If you see it, AND you mean it, Then you know you have to go :)

3 May 2010

Kuvempu's Work Comes Alive

Art is a skillful media through which creative ideas are expressed”; I remember how our high school drawing/painting teacher defined “Art”. All these years I just knew the definition, but last Saturday I saw it come alive.

It made its way through the “Most Memorable Events List” of my life quite easily. Theatre & plays that happen slowly are losing their charm as people are more into silver screen complain artists who make their living out of drama. When Rangayana announced its new venture, 9 hours long over night play, we did not miss to get us a pair of tickets. Little did we know that if not we would have missed an opportunity of lifetime.

We were at the venue around 8:30pm, shocked to see people of all ages anticipating outside. It had kids, college students, handicapped and senior citizens. Few minutes from then we made ourselves comfortable with the “not-so-comfortable-seating”. The play begun at exact time, 9pm. This came as the first hint for the organized & disciplined effort. The opening was just marvelous & most importantly a crowd puller.

From then it was just theatre at its best. Every character was well introduced, so that the audience had no problem remembering. The narration never got boring and kept audience on the toes as to what’s in store in the coming scene. The director masters the “effective usage of resources” theory. The roles played by “Huliya the dog”, “Guthi”, “Pinchlu”, “Mukunda” took away lots of accolades.

Every 2 hours the stage shifted; the play was conducted with 4 screens according to the scene demands. Not even for a minute did we wink our eyes the whole night, that was the level of eagerness the play provided. Oh also, not even did a single spectator left the play in between.

Within no time, we heard the birds chirping and the sun slowly spilling his light upon us. It was 5:45am and we never realized it was dawn already. All in all it was a great effort, transformed into success. Also on popular demand number of shows has been extended from 11th to till 15th of this month. Cheers to the team and more details here.

ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಯಾರೂ ಮುಖ್ಯರಲ್ಲ;
ಯಾರೂ ಅಮುಖ್ಯರಲ್ಲ;
ಯಾವುದೂ ಯಃಕಶ್ಚಿತವಲ್ಲ !