3 May 2010

Kuvempu's Work Comes Alive

Art is a skillful media through which creative ideas are expressed”; I remember how our high school drawing/painting teacher defined “Art”. All these years I just knew the definition, but last Saturday I saw it come alive.

It made its way through the “Most Memorable Events List” of my life quite easily. Theatre & plays that happen slowly are losing their charm as people are more into silver screen complain artists who make their living out of drama. When Rangayana announced its new venture, 9 hours long over night play, we did not miss to get us a pair of tickets. Little did we know that if not we would have missed an opportunity of lifetime.

We were at the venue around 8:30pm, shocked to see people of all ages anticipating outside. It had kids, college students, handicapped and senior citizens. Few minutes from then we made ourselves comfortable with the “not-so-comfortable-seating”. The play begun at exact time, 9pm. This came as the first hint for the organized & disciplined effort. The opening was just marvelous & most importantly a crowd puller.

From then it was just theatre at its best. Every character was well introduced, so that the audience had no problem remembering. The narration never got boring and kept audience on the toes as to what’s in store in the coming scene. The director masters the “effective usage of resources” theory. The roles played by “Huliya the dog”, “Guthi”, “Pinchlu”, “Mukunda” took away lots of accolades.

Every 2 hours the stage shifted; the play was conducted with 4 screens according to the scene demands. Not even for a minute did we wink our eyes the whole night, that was the level of eagerness the play provided. Oh also, not even did a single spectator left the play in between.

Within no time, we heard the birds chirping and the sun slowly spilling his light upon us. It was 5:45am and we never realized it was dawn already. All in all it was a great effort, transformed into success. Also on popular demand number of shows has been extended from 11th to till 15th of this month. Cheers to the team and more details here.

ಇಲ್ಲಿ ಯಾರೂ ಮುಖ್ಯರಲ್ಲ;
ಯಾರೂ ಅಮುಖ್ಯರಲ್ಲ;
ಯಾವುದೂ ಯಃಕಶ್ಚಿತವಲ್ಲ !


Swathy said...

neevu tumba adrashtavantaru kanri..nijvaglu..
I wish i could have been a part!

NG said...

How can I forget.."Art is a skillful media by which creative ideas are expressed!!!" Those were the days...