7 May 2010

Nenu Velthanu, untanu.

The lovely Sania has returned to India with her hubby, just for me. There should be someone to welcome me when I reach Hyderabad isn’t it? Actually I wouldn’t mind if it was “Allu Arjun”. I told her to continue with her honeymoon and Dubai home set-up plans.

She says I am way too sweet @twitter.

Anyways coming back to my plans; yeah I am off on a small holiday. I leave the heritage city by noon today; reach the garden city and then city of Nizams. A function has to be attended, visit RFC, & loads of girlie shopping at the “Chudi Bazzar”. I have actually taken an empty bag just to fill all the extra goodies to be bought from there.

I am back on Monday night; & by then I will be 365 days old in marriage.