11 May 2010

Of Bliss, Bidaai & Being Old

After losing close to 2kgs & almost sick of de-hydration, I am back to paradise. Damn it, I wouldn’t trade anything for leaving this place. Its heaven and I mean it totally.

Just imagine its close to 50degrees, there is a function to be attended and mom suggests I drape a Saree.

“No way”, I told her.

Simple cotton kurtha it was; & of course because I was not dressed heavily did not stop the guy tying the 3 knots. The wedding took place in an AC hall so we both spent maximum amount of time with the newly weds, but had to leave at the “Bidaai” time at least. It’s a family thing I believe; & I hate to see those, reminds my moment though, with mom in tears since the auspicious time and dad when I touched his feet for the blessings. Sister not even shed a single drop; that stone hearted chick.

“Why should I? You are just a phone call away, if not a small drive apart” she claims.

The year has passed in a jiffy and I am theoretically not the newly wed now. Sigh!! So that takes away a lot of leverages like when we visit someone, they make sure they serve you awesome food, take care 24/7, let us sleep in the master bedroom even if they have to make bedding in the living and finally give away goodies while bidding goodbye. Mom served us Nescafe coffee with “silver” glasses initially, when the SIL made tantrums that it’s terribly hot, transformed into porcelain cup & saucers with Bru instant, today it was “stainless steel” glass having filter coffee kapi to be precise. :)

Jokes apart, other than the weather, I enjoyed my 3 day vacation to the max with my 1 year old Pati. Romantic walks by the Mughal architecture, romancing in the Hawa mahal, witnessing the fire works, DJ Suketh playing numbers, having hot Irani Chai in the “Snow World”; I couldn’t have asked for more. To top it up, the “Paradise Hyderabadi Biryani”, Mughul Pan, pastries & biscuits from Karachi bakery and Liquor chocolates around to spice n sweeten up the taste buds.

I still haven’t got hold of my gift; so while I am off to have that moon lit mom-in-law made dinner at the ghar ka terrace, you guys should visit my town if you don’t agree with the 1st part of this post or read the latest here.