24 May 2010

Film: Kites

Disastrous death doesn’t happen to all; the girl who tweeted that she hates weddings had no clue that god had granted her a wish not to attend anymore celebrations, or the air hostess who always wanted to fly was approved of her dream only in the form of “Death”. I’d wish that they never had made such statements, which is such an “Irony” now after the crash.

Landings are the only stuff that I hate about flying; one small mistake and “whoosh” it’s all over. The anticipation of coming to a different location on a holiday & fun, for weddings & celebrations or even the excitement of coming home will be just whisked away. Of all the times that I have flown the worst has been with “Sri-Lankan Airlines” when it landed back in Bangalore. It was so turbulent that the cabin baggage got thrown outside, the food trays flung open and some of the seats even got reclined due to the vibration. My eyes literally popped out in shock and fear.

Fear, is when you know that there could be threat; threat to life & you want to avoid it. My only fear is that of heights especially they are combined with technology. Like the “Giant Wheels” that whirls at tremendous speed, the boxes can topple and be thrown off causing death. But Pati argues that if death is destined it will hit you no matter how safe you are.

I wouldn’t want to regret that if only I had taken more care, the incident wouldn’t have occurred at all. I will be happy that I did not risk my life, rather it tricked me.

P.S: On a lighter serious note, do avoid watching Kites. It’s a bigger risk than of landing on a table top runway.